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A pinup on a nineteen forty four calendar. I scribbled moustache on it and send it to the USO. Stop trying to be witty that went for that picture city duet. Wet would still be alive. Pity? I tried to incriminate knee Jerry is trying to incriminate. Anyone miss Denison? We just like to find out the course of events. I'd love to be able to claim full credit was did he do it's murder. Unfortunately, I slept through it. In the world is wrong with you, you invited us there to see that painting. You called your art to prove his Sydney, the painting was worth forty thousand dollars. What's the matter with you? But Jerry, that's why said he stayed on to argue with the dealer insist. Oh, but. As melodrama this is turning into a for bra. Now. I don't know. Sure. Let's all go. I'd like to see that painting. Good idea painting lieutenants, the one that is or isn't in your apartment. I doubt if any of my paintings are was battling over regret would is good. But that because the reproductions does rather because is now donning you'll be coming somewhat disgusting. It was their Bill described that painting, Jerry sure, it was large about half. Again, the size of that. Because it was called death of a later painted vice avatar Rosa Woody candidate thing showed a riderless snuggling the body of a fallen Bandon hawking mountains and storm clouds all around. Nice. No, my friends insist upon calling the a in front of the police Lieutenant, no, no, it's all right? I'm sorry about Christmas Denison. They'll reach give it. In need us anymore. Oh, no, no, no not. Now, let's stay in town though. I may need another version of your story. All right. That's the first portion of Mr. and MRs north good story called collector's item. Starring Richard Denning and Barbara Britton from nineteen fifty four. And we're gonna go to news in just a moment. When we come back from news. We'll have the conclusion to Mr. and MRs northbound we'll chat with Dave player. He has an interesting show. I am really looking forward to listening to it. Part of what he's doing is throwback commercials playing like the old empire commercials and out of the old commercials. It'll bring back a lot of fun memories. Lisa sound. Good. Sounds great. Always does a great show. But right now, it's time for WGN news at one thirty in the morning years. Roger badesch Republic defenders for man accused kidnapping and killing a university of Illinois scoured from China are asking for more time to prepare their case due to the government shutdown. Brent christianson. Defense team asked for thirty more days. He's charged with abducting and killing Yanqing, Sean in June of two thousand seventeen Philippine government says it will pursue to the ends of the earth that ruthless. Predators are perpetrators rather. In their words behind the bomb attacks that killed at least nineteen people wounded dozens during Sunday mass at the cathedral the area where the bombs exploded as long been troubled by Muslim militants waiting for decades. One rest.

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