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Through okay so being observed. That's a good one after whose necks erica's erica. If you're nervous what do you do to get through to go past that nervousness. Okay you don't think about it. You sit there like a not on the law okay. So that's that's personality. She withdrawal summer working on that but she makes it through. She gets more comfortable as she goes alone. She stays quiet and correct. So you just get capable. Okay that's a personnel is is different so she just sits there in the midst of okay so important point that she just made. She said that when she gets home she's not nervous anymore. So that could mean that when you're in a nervous situation what you might do is say okay. This situation is not always last. I'll be home in a couple of hours. And i'll be comfortable then so you just take on and embrace the uncomfortable make it through and they get to a comfortable place and come home a decompress and relax see you said that. That's what you say over. She said we went to decide the second stage. She said that all right eri kion. I need you us. You have had your opportunity eric. If you're a nervous situation what do you do to to calm down to not be so nervous. First of all nervous of this okay. I'm dressing difference asthma. Certainly because something's happening in the way we deal with in nobody knew as beyond my friends. Okay so you find a way to fit into the environment you find a way to mesh yourself into uncomfortable by talking to other people were. That's what you just said but you just say you find somebody to talk to somebody so to get up so that you're not so uncomfortable you talk to somebody you communicate and that gets you out of your nervous me uncomfortable because now you're in the environment and you're like okay. I'm going to embrace this environment. I'm going to embrace new people. And i'm gonna talk to these people even. I don't know even though i'm nervous that's what you just said. Yes and that's okay. Yes but your way of overcoming nervousness is just being apart and embracing the nervousness and being apart. Because guess what. You're nervous of other people are nervous too but when you break is why teaches do icebreakers to get rid of the nervousness. So you're like you're doing your anymore. Okay great so kind of what it is. You're doing your own. Icebreaker said a teacher facilitating or saying. Hey we're going to iceberg. I'd be in the class. You've done icebreaker while you're at recess or while you're waiting around you've already established done icebreaker or recess whatever every do before hush hush erica whatever. Y'all do before you actually go to class so when you uncomfortable environment you go ahead and you do your own personal icebreaker with people. Instead of having somebody else facilitated you know how to facilitate your own great. Yeah that's what you say you need. What your book. Anyways go ahead. Tell us what you do when you're in the midst of some nervousness. What i'm blessed here. Okay so you say how do you make it through. How do you make it. Oh i do effigy remind okay so you you know which is not good eric. We're novitiate sake. It's just the sound that makes it. Okay so the sound you popping. Your knuckles is harmful to you. Okay so i just want you to understand that in every situation you not going to walk around and pop your knuckles. It's going to be inappropriate and everything so you perhaps figure out something. That's not such a distraction because if you're in class and you probably your knuckles your teachers probably they'll say popping of the knuckles like explode. Do plinking leg okay. So you have okay so sometimes that does is you releasing nervous energy so you have an energy on inside nervous and you feel fidgety. So you're actually doing something physical to try to get rid of that nervousness. That's she say. Anyway yes kion question last comment last plus yes can't missed m. i. b. s. t. I said why you're in the midst of so when you're in the midst of something that means you're part of it so if i say right now you're in the midst of six of your siblings and your mother and hero the doll. That means that you're in the environment that you're in the place of you're in the midst of yes you're in the presence of where all together you're in the midst of us here in the midst of home. So that's what that means. Being the marta us we got so we talked a lot. About what over kotte overcome nervousness. We got a lot of good dogs a lot of good ideas. Good conversation this conversation right anything else. I'll put my great. We'll talk about eight nervous energy. Great we got that. So guess what great. We got good information. We know what to do if we get nervous. We learned from each other how to get past the nervousness. We can take on some of these ideas using for day to day right right all right. Thank you gene neck out and there you have it podcast family. Another episode of sophea social segments is in the books. I hope you enjoy that. I hope you enjoy the real news of that conversation. I always enjoy our dinnertime. Conversations is always a time that i learned so much for my children. And i feel like our bunge grows deeper and deeper each time. I hope it's something that you too can take back and learn from and perhaps have some conversations with your youth with your children as will remember sophea social segments can be listened to on several platforms such as apple podcasts spotify in all the major platforms that are available until next time until we speak again always be safe take care..

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