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We're just gonna keep going down this polka charge going to have three jerseys impairs. He's now is going to have the polka jersey which i fully support and i don't think he was spreading are trying to win the stage to get out and points but he is the best climber in the race. The best climber should have the puck. Jersey you're have yellow polkadot and the white jersey i don't know today is legit. Legitimately fell bad for three writers. And rick moss who i felt like perhaps charleston jason down. He could have gone the wind. Huge victory for him and the team while powell's has been racing so aggressively. Perhaps one of the most if not the most aggressive rider of the whole tour de france loses the dodger the on the last mountain stage after winning or getting valuable points on the terminal. And then you know my colombian blood is feeling really bad. For ron. rigobert had an loses nine nine minutes today Was right there fighting for the podium the whole race and had a slightly bad day yesterday but today just completely blew up so that was hard to watch and so the big story line. We talked about yesterday. Was this competition for. Who gets that. Final step on the podium. I think that's over. We we can stop talking about that now. The the the best story is is and we'll talk about tomorrow's stage in a bit but Is the mark avenue story will which we haven't talked about a week due to being in the mountains but orion. They said that he overheated. Yesterday he looked hot yesterday scoop on on iran. I mean he ob outside of what we all know that he's now sitting in the ninth not specifically not specifically the only thing that i can compare with. Is that last year. More or less. The same thing happened. He was he was there With a shot at the podium. I think he was sitting in third and you did an extremely bad time trial for his capacities so he's obviously not finishing finishing the ground herself very well he email. I don't think he could do anything i mean. He wrote very economically very smart the whole race when when when the tank is empty. It's empty you know when Yesterday was was a little sign but today was no saving on possible to save anything that seems like from the rest they on. He just wasn't the same iran and we always say everybody reacts differently from the rest day but unfortunately he Had a huge time loss today. I wonder it's worth bringing up. I mean we've had a little fun talking about him. The staying in miami training in my miami preparing for the tour de france. The absopure and he's three weeks off the heat. The cold all that in miami. I mean it's i mean it was a cute story i loved it. I still love it. I mean the fact that he was there amongst the best up until now i mean there's no doubt. The man has as much or more experience than any of the other. Grand tour riders thirties. Now but my question is as that caught up with him has a good question. I'm going to say i. I think i think i think that you noticed. Better to iran was was riding in a position of based on his endurance and especially his experience writing smart. Probably you know if you really look. He was always just barely hanging on like every every time there was little just barely making it. Know he's he's been writing for two weeks over his limits and then when it when it pops it talks you know and that he got he got. He got the bill presented. Today is nine line. Nine minutes of bills was once he was done he was done. I mean just yeah for him to lose that much time I think he he crested the term layabout under two minutes behind which is still manageable. He could have perhaps stayed in the top five top seven but for he lost another huge amount of a huge chunk of time on the new thirty. Then today show also brought to you by roka. We talk about him every day. I love love it. Love rob and the whole team down. They're amazing athletes making product. People want want to push themselves on the bike off. The bike doesn't matter by the way they got the new female shade back. The lola is back in stock. Unbelievably lightweight the best lenses on the market. So that's on the performance side the prescription glasses j. big fan. I'm a big fan of my reading. Glasses don't go anywhere but intact had them like from everywhere. Leave two pairs of the office to prison my car. Because you lose these things so rob keeps me nice and stock die fairly dialed in on the home. Try on which is what i did. Send me the five pair boom and my wife picked these out. And then even doing progressives yup from home remotely..

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