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How should they feel. We hate to say but a wakeup call You know they have problems with sweden for whatever reason back in two thousand sixteen. They lost sweden hope. Solo was so mad that she called the swedes cowards and then got suspended from the team for whatever reason the swedes have their pablo tori. They should be very very grateful. Tony that the group stage in the olympics is more forgiving than the around worn elimination process. There are twelve teams. only four. don't make it. They got try to not make it into the right okay. So let's put that to the side. Then this is. The first loss is at forty four games and it is a moment here where you're saying just was among the most dominant teams in all of sports and they took an l. this morning pablo. Yeah there had issues right making said they got their bleeps. Kicked and that is an understatement. Three oh is not as bad as the reality of his game was issues that they have a pushing which is incredibly helpful. This has got to be something beyond the mild concern level. They'd given up one goal in twelve games. They play this year. This is jacob degrom. Giving up home runs in the first three interfaces you. They don't give up three. They don't usually give up one. They have to wonder about more than just sweden having their numbers. They serve alesha happen. I'm making this groups right. Now or putting available for the expansion drafts might say. You're you're available for the driver. Pablo tori showdown to bits. Math says when to great things come together. They make something greater..

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