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And we're back on transition virginia. We're talking about the republican candidates for governor. And we're gonna get into what they would do. If elected let's start with our big money candidate glenn yung-chen this is young can talking to don croat at w. a. v. a. when this governor opened up massage parlours. Abc stores in my church clothes last year. I knew he didn't share the same values. I didn't so we're going to stand up for our first amendment rights. The we're also gonna stand up for the unborn. We're going to stand up for our tenth amendment right and the overreach from washington right now. Goodness gracious down there. They're actually debating bill to pack the court all right so is this a message that will work with republicans would republicans it will but if we're assuming that this person has gotten the nomination at that point this is losing message in general. The fact of the matter is is that we're going into an election that is going to be directly. After the first year of biden harris you know and yes. There used to be the old tradition in virginia that whoever was in the white house the opposing party would be in the governor's mansion of the commonwealth. That's been thrown out the window since the election of terry mcauliffe however it could connect with virginia voters and that's not indicative of young. That's indicative of everyone that this election will probably at the end of it turn into a referendum on the biden first year in office next up. Is our other big money candidate in this race. Pete snyder illegal immigration cost taxpayers billions and it brings crime and gangs into our communities. North of mccullough won't take violent illegals off our streets that i will when on governor all enforce the law and deport violent criminals david ramadan will scapegoating undocumented immigrants by calling them illegals worked to secure the nomination and this convention yet it. Let's allure for the convention Absolutely guarantee a loss in the general election again doesn't matter who you can plug chains here. Snyder yung-chen cox Chase that doesn't matter who the name is any in all these messages overhearing messages purely to win the republican convention and these are messages. That are absolutely messages. That will not resonate with the majority of the populace in virginia. The nine resolute with the Electric power centers such as northern virginia hampton roads and and so and therefore the are messages that are just in my mind guarantees The loss in the general election well not completely disagree with the gentlemen from south riding. But i am going to disagree with the gentlemen from south riding because mr snyder's campaign has focused on opening schools. And i can tell you right now. The biggest frustration amongst middle-class families in virginia is that our schools are still closed and that we are trying to at least go to a hybrid model if not opening schools five days a week. I completely agree with mr schneider. I'm not endorsing mr snider. But what i'm saying is we need to get our schools open math my friend by the time that the general election come around schools would be open. It's it's an old issue also met. We're talking about immigration here. What do you make of his position on immigration. I think that it's a concern of the republican base. I think there is a concern. And there's a way to word it very differently than what he's wearing it. You know. I don't like that we're using the terminology. He's using but there is a concern amongst the base of what's happening at the border. Since president biden took office there is a concern. I understand that a lot of folks may not see that But there is a concern amongst the republican base concerned amongst average voters. That there is a problem at our southern border. More than a concern. It's a fear. It's a phobia this point through the republican base but that does not a new general elections. Numbers are now there. These are these are messages that are not that are not resonating with the majority of the populace off virginia. And that's why whoever ends up the nominee of the party because of this messaging and this is not not against any single one of the republican nominees but regardless of who the nominee is because of the messaging that is prevalent to the party in that. We're seeing from all of them. They will end up losing this election by double digits. I disagree that snyder ad did remind me of the infamous gonzales. Be add on immigration and remember. What happened ed. Gillespie he lost. Well that a total potshot of an ad. I still embitter about that ad. That was not the character few. Ed gillespie was ed. Gillespie is my friend and a kind and good hearted man and his strongman of christian faith. And i'm still angry about that ad. It's been four years You know. And i don't think that's pete snyder's character. I don't think that's a majority republican fields character and i don't think it's a majority of republican voters character. There is a concern about immigration amongst of the average populace in america. I know that. Msnbc doesn't portray that but there is a real concern about the way this is happening at our southern border and the fact that we're cramming these folks into these detention centers. And we're not doing this in a way. And i'm not saying i have the complete one hundred percent answer but what i'm saying is there real concern and i think it's more than just the republican base just to write it off as a republican base is wrong. I think it's the average. American is concerned about it. I think there's a way to word it. That's a little more presentable but at the same time we can't just write it off and say oh just a basis concerned about it. No everyday americans in everyday virginians are concerned about what's happening on our southern border. All right well we gotta move on because these are all good points and food for thought but next up is cut cox who debase his career trying to undercut women's healthcare here's one of his spots highlighting the issue route. I heard governors radio interview where he basically advocate for abortion right up until birth host devasta-. I took an unprecedented step speaker. I came all the podium. The dyas went down to the four made a speech on. How important light was. I will never stop fighting for the promise of life. anything. I could speaker to stop. Then i'll stand up to the pro-abortion radicals all right. Let's talk about this moment in two thousand nineteen when speaker cox walked down those steps and took a spot on the house floor to give a speech opposing abortion rights. What does that tell us about. Speaker cox david ramadan. I'll start with you. Look this is a very Very personal issue for kirk and this is.

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