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Clinch 'cause you're locked in a virtual home waiting and you hear Jason Slyke hacking down the door you have to shit. Yeah. That's why he gets most of his victims. Because like, I'm just gonna use the bathroom real quick goes it in hack, so you build these silver blocks, gold blocks. Yeah. It's also more competitive version than previous tetris can cause you can have up to four players. Yeah. And a thing that I love, and I don't know if this is a regional tetris, I didn't think it was playing competitively. If you form a line and your line goes away. It gets added to the writings the garbage system garbage. So if you if you save up, so that you have you know, that those four lanes, but you need that one long tree. No. And you drop it drop it in your competitor. Just gets four lines added to the bottom of the trash. Uh-huh. Then I'm torn about this. Because like, and you can turn it off or on great. Is this an explanation of New York's trash go into New Jersey. We are New York's. Nobody I 'cause I played with a lot of different I play with my brother played with some friends. And there was a lot of controversy among the garbage non-garbage when you're gonna play multiplayer cause for the most part. And I think it's more interesting for the best player will win out like be your own competition as opposed to just being like, I gotta tetris and now you're fucking done. So so what is it about that that that you dislike the trash system? Yes. Yeah. I guess it's because what I like about is that you can like you probably just because my house I was playing playing with people such mixed expertise levels that and you can actually play with multiple people. And I think I grew up in a house where there was a lot of video convene game controller sharing to the point. Where you're like, I have to share I have to share my controller with this person or give them a fake controller and tell them there. Playing all these things. But with a four player tetris I can still play my game while you play. And if you up that's on you, it doesn't matter you, you're just playing your game alone. Yes. People happen to be there. Yeah. How many siblings? Do you have I have three older siblings? Okay. And so you the youngest. And so if you're playing the garbage system is a very good chance the garbage would be headed in your direction, very game and your family. Now, I know no. It was a psycho like at least in my family..

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