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That's right contest is. Let's get to the corona virus news over a special on Covet nineteen impact on Black America. Come on you know if you hate Black People. Can She just able she? Don't care about us over. Todd's cove in nineteen daily impact on Black America for free on apple. Tv plus the event will air on streaming services at eleven PM Eastern Standard Time with the spotlight on the air on the same day. Conversation will include political pundits housing reform Eliasi. John's Chicago Mayor Lori. Lightfoot she going to be telling you stay in house American woman not seeing that mean going around and they've been fucking hilarious life as an American Medical Association. Chief Health Equity Dr Aletha Maybank New York Times journalist and Founder Sixteen Nineteen Project Nicole Hannah Jones and a special performance by Jennifer Hudson. Yeah you know Jennifer Housing Mega cry. The thing the thing is amazing about this though is She made sure to give people from all walks and include medical professionals. I've seen a few like everyone. Haven't panels now Papa and there's a lot of like go have killer? Mike John Rule my Nigga. No not this time like this is not the Omni professionals I need people with. Phd's and a whole bunch of let us. I don't know what they mean behind their names like we don't need this time. We need people who actually work in this field expire. You know they know something about the disease and Let's see strippers. Who CanNot Dance and club turned into instagram virtual strip? Close to make a living come on. I didn't know this virtuous. Yeah it's kind of interesting though because like you get in. They get on this supposedly so I know only fans already have something for this But Yeah what happens? I've been thinking alike robbers and Dj's go live and they play music and they share their screen invite like a stripper. Oh and they'll put like the cash out leak like you know in the bottom of the screen and lie you know. Hit My cash out. And they're like darker days stream script proposing rooms assault behind him. Okay not behind them is is just like the beat battle's location. Dj's in one location in the strippers in a different way. Okay I'm with you I'm with you But yeah man. So that's what they were having to do. Man Pop shows it. Apprising Man technologie bringing people together. And you know people will get creative on ways to get to their money Popular names such as twenty six zero Justin Combs and twenty eight year old former pro basketball player. Justin Loboi have been keeping followers entertained by housing bureaucracy. Virtual pop up. Strip club together on instagram. Live fees repertory lanes also hosts his now infamous quarantine. Radio was usually features. Plenty of torquing. It's become larger than life. It started out with US. Going live together turn. It is crazy thing. People ask me every night. If the live is going on Justin calls of his show adjusting laborious laborious. Cows lie had also drawn a notable amount of yours as well as some famous guests including the weekend. Meet Me Awadhi Shaquille O'Neal among others the respectfully Justin show as laborious I. G Stream is now call was barbecuing. He decided to recreate a club. Type Atmosphere during a board night on social media live streaming. I was like man. I need a demon call up. Loboi cars I said where my demons. At immediately wouldn't began request to be guests on the Stream. As he accepted the quest he then started pending edessa cash APP username to the top of the fee so that his followers could sit in the money as women bared all Nahla boy markets to show across his social media platforms now saying Hashtag. Respectfully since instagram prohibits explicit cotton even recently disabled toilets account for nudity laborious store to create a new castle handle for each event he uses twitter to announce the pages new name along with the date and time of the virtual peepshow Dale Five. We will sell fucking innovating instagram. Like this platform. It's always like is what is war. Who Cares okay? Then guys team won Tom. Corinthian club to okay. Let's go outside. We go onto number two tonight hours. I can't be doing this for free. Some girls that danced at target taking it all Loboi is then joined by just in college before kicking back and ruth beginning to stream as he enjoys a glass of red wine which sparked means across social media allred while never seen a pace get thirty thousand followers in our just in college. He stuff that I haven't seen anyone do says. Most bars strip clubs forced to close due to the corona virus outbreak. Thousands of bottle service girls dances and bartenders have been left without a job. Women who participated have earned thousands of dollars from cash. Tips says Alexis data from Atlanta. Who says she's made about eighteen thousand dollars total from dancing on instagram alive? That's what I'm talking about. He had his rare wide hat. Crocked ONTO A. I didn't know that was ray KROC or something. Says they say say you pimping you might as well put the cracks which way winds wearing crocs should not talking about gators gators crocodiles Jews Kirk Cox and gators completely different shoes. Gary Ma one is for the poor and others players. I'm sorry they both them gate us alligators so they are cracks. I never thought about before. The they're the tweet. Crocs gators is completely is a is a one eighty from each other. I couldn't tell a crocodile from alligator in real life but me the my day will not my balance you. But my but he's wet crock. I couldn't tell the difference crocodile. Gaydos they all the same. I don't think that crap I don't think that anymore. Can RUBBER SHOES OUT? Hosing them about them. Cracks rocks are now known. Alligators is is the the the sleek like pep shoes? Yes my bad when I say at Crocks. I wouldn't talk about them all the rubber issues with the hook on the back. I'm going to talk about them. Dim Types you here. Yeah so different now. Not all women speak. I'm sorry I'm meteorologist. Last week I thought really wanted to do like a ghetto. Fabulous night was the budget. Not Crash Dr Anthony Says Tuesday to said onto that. Us is probably not ready to reopen. The economy ought to propose time-line outlined by DONALD TRUMP. And of course is be real bad because he also said if we would have acted earlier we could have prevented a lot of these deaths and Donald trump re tweeted something on twitter from the. Oh a network. Which is the one America News Network or something like that? They're the they're like the Fox News there like Fox News to the left of. Oa like they're like these motherfuckers is too liberal at Fox News. A little literature we all right. We don't listen to socialist a Fox News program. Laurie anger needs to step it up. So they're like a low budget but more right Fox News and they said something about how Dr Founding needs to be fired for saying that and Donald Trump tweeted it and now today he came out not to be deter and was like yeah so Donald Trump's Tilana started economy. We're not even close to doing that. Nope we're not and I believe him To is going to be a few months before we even consider. Actually slowly opening becker like you know the numbers go up and down all over the place but like I say Easter just past you have thousands of people that just went to church so you have like a two week to a month here in in certain places numbers going to spite back up again. So it's one where he's like. No no no. You still have people that that until you get it where but I just everybody's so focused on the big states New York City now these other things going down not funny. I don't live there. I don't live there so yet and I was going down there but it does not mean a numbers going down where I live like like. I don't know is the disconnect for p. even numbers going down is kind of a is not the people things just like a straight line and it's not going to be like that you know it's like the numbers going down. People are still dying. People are still getting infected you know. The rate of infection is going down. The numbers aren't truly like you know like you hope that we'll get to a point. Where less and less people dive this less. And less people contracted all that stuff but yeah and this only because we're.

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