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Ourselves we can tell you firsthand this stuff's incredible i'm wearing giant as we speak their purple on this father's day give the dad in your life a gift that the head of its time do the trunk kind if volved underwear from tommy john you wanna know more about them no adjustments needed joining no more about the underwear i'm currently wearing john talking about the underwear you're giving your dad know see there you go show addition fathers and it gives us a time john dot com slash crooked now crooked now oh no it's just crooked why did you capitalize now just cook it the code is crooked the goat is grid tommy john dot com slash crooked for twenty percent off now saying now end of that and as always this pod is brought to you by vic hashe by the cash app love it you don't have to tell you what there is a contestant on the bachelorette that is one of the founders of one of the other apps we're not using anymore and i nearly fucking lost it and rip the tv off the wall that's that's you know what i i think it's fine that some of the other apps wanted to be associated with total cultural and moral collapse but we're over here using the cash out we are because because it's the fastest easiest way to pay people back without telling the whole fucking world about it yeah yeah without without turning the the process of falling in love into equivalent of like coupon cutting or something you know disgusting what a disgusting culture rat what hey you know what maybe the people that are responsible for the bachelor can pass all back the the cash app for the shame that they bring on us but you know what else though it's not really their fault is it because you're all watching it you know you're all watching it i wasn't going to go that far just talking about one contestant anyway.

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