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Ended up talking all this over in a conversation with tim wong a berkeley educated lawyer and local polly math who published the container guide a wonderful little book on the shipping industry disguised as a doctor i'd companion to spotting boxes imports as an ships he said everything has become a lot size inefficiency can you get big enough to stay alive and keep your whole mirror time business ecosystem healthy oakland was able to survive for a period of time bask technology gets better the cost of choosing one poor or another on the western seaboard the all become a commodity of and this is the same trouble that happened with a container companies themselves the minor companies were there basically selling this commodity which always is dropping the the the value of it is always dropping and his lots of incentives over produced capacity in ways that completely dr everybody out of business or make it so that only the largest companies that can squeeze amy pennies out of you know huge numbers of transactions actually conservative and i wonder for a period of time basically geography was the great protection of these ports because they could eat up all the smaller regional ones but not to compete with much larger ones but as boats get you know more efficient in the way they move suddenly a they basically compete on the same footing with with other ports and and there then jagger doesn't help you any more ray like what were really starts to help you is like can you really scale up the size of the poor and like maybe oakland just can't expand fast enough there.

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