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So yes, we had a lot of racing going on this weekend. I know he kind of already started talking a little bit about red bull straight rhythms. I guess we should roll right into that that I guess we'll talk more about this with shame mcelrath coming up. He's going to be an hour number two. We got Ryan beat here in our number one. We've also got Kelly Crandall in our number two as well. But yeah, so straight rhythm. You know the big thing about this year. You know the in the past, they've had kind of the open class. I know Pastrana couple years ago when he came into straight rhythm here aced on a two stroke. It's Pastrana. It's two stroke, smoke man. That's all Mr.. Teepee one ninety nine will raise is a two stroke. You know this. That's just Travis to staple. If he was on a four-stroke. You'd be wondering if the guy sick, what's going on, like traff traffic p what is going on. You're on a four-stroke trap. Don't do four strokes trapped us two strokes. That is just the way Mr. persona works. So he showed up on a five hundred c. c monster at straight read them. And I remember that one because I think he actually backflip the finish line so that that's Travis him and Levi lavallee just got a backflip right? If you just got to flip it, that's just the way these boys work member lavallee x. games he's snow cross and he's cruising around there and just the size of the throw a backflip in the middle of the race. Like who does that leave the valley? Who does that Travis Pastrana these two guys. They just they like to flip. So anyways, yes, two strokes have kind of dabbled in in straight rhythm off and on. So I guess the powers that be decided, hey, let's make red bull straight rhythm. All two strokes this year instead of having to two fifty class to fifty four stroke class, I should say, and then like an open class where it's run, which brung they decided, well, we'll just make it a one twenty five and two fifty class old school supercross and motocross. I dig it. So they had the one twenty five class and they had the two fifty class. Well, Mr. Shane mcelrath decided that he was going to run the two fifty. Two stroke Lassie won the two fifty four stroke class last year. So you've got him in then you've got a couple of heavy hitter. Well, yet Ronnie Mack who I don't know what the hell happened. Arriving MAC, poor guy is not having a good month got booted out of inex- of nations. Now, all of a sudden at red bull straight rhythm. He said they wouldn't let them race. Because he didn't practice. I don't know what's going on. I've heard a rumor that it's injuries and all kinds of things, but running back did not race. He was there. He was slated to and something's going on with Mr. on imac poor guy. He's gonna need a shrink before this is over. He. Not having a good month four on him out. He just wants to ride his damn dirt bike and nobody will let them do it. But. Yeah. So Rodney Mack was there, but the big ones Shane, mcelrath obviously, you talked to Shane and Shane say he wasn't a favourite going in. You talk to me and I set it on Twitter..

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