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Like. I I. Don't know what they'll be like next year. I don't know if there'll be a season next. This. It's crazy that all this happened. It all happened so quickly. But so yeah, we cover Jack Eichel. We covered the NHL maybe mayor, not returning and so I. Think we covered everything her for you go. I will let you plug Bostonsportsjournal. Even though we already Kinda did with Jack Eichel piece because it was very, but I'll let you Yeah, again you know not a lot of whole news going on, but you know over a shea, we're still you know chugging along putting together a whole bunch of content on a daily basis so. A few things up this week and work on a few different things, ranking trading and kind of looking back at how this whole Cup window is kind of extended to beyond what everyone thought it was gonna be the end once you get like twenty four in twenty fifteen, so was a few look back to deeper dive and stuff like that and enough stuff to keep people entertained until we get more concrete news which. I really hope would probably be within the next couple of days where they are. You know going to some concrete details on stuff like hub cities and stuff so. It's going to be on the horizon, but you know until then we're gonNA. Have a whole bunch of stuff over it. So inscribed their. You know, follow me yet. at Conor Ryan Ninety three have all my so riposted there. Were given visiting all you can do stand right. All you can do keep busy and keep following bruins content, which helps all of us. McKee fallen content general. I think it's a good mantra to have. Hopefully we get out of this soon. I think I've been saying that for months though now, but connor again. Thank you so much for joining on pursuance of Morowski. Ubers we listeners great rest of your week..

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