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And now we just want to get the good old ninety five thousand, but it's it's happening men. And that's credits. You guys if you're just joining the livestream. I would actually to hit that comes up, and why helps with the visibility to show as you can see from yesterday visibility is getting out. There awareness is beginning out there and people are knowing that this is a safe haven for boxing folk that want to come out here and talk some boxing with us. So we got a jampacked show, obviously lined up a lot a lot to discuss many Pacquiao dominates Adrian, Brown agent, Bruna Kohl's robbery. So the question is do you think, you know, pack. Yeah. One that fight. How'd you scored in did Adrian Brown kit robbed was the hood robbed of the next Floyd Mayweather? And may what the pack to. I mean. Do we want that many L calls Floyd Mayweather Floyd doesn't really knowledge them in the stands? But. All in all who's watching. It are we excited? I mean yesterday I had some friends over in studio while we were watching the fight. And they're like man, you know, that's gonna do less than what it did the first one. I said, yeah. But less it's still two million. You know, still true point five. I mean, they'd be like four or five million. I think have still buys it. I think a lot of boxing fans by, but we'll actually get a better gauge when we see if we see the numbers to Bronner in age Adrian Brodie versus many pack yet, which was on Showtime, pay per view, obviously, we will have to discuss Marcus Brown defeating Babu, Jack by unanimous decision, a nasty cut on the head of body, Jack. Oh, my God the footage from the hospital insane. Listen, I thought I was queasy last night, bro that Instagram clip of his forehead. I mean, I'll probably play it just ugly ugly. But. Marcus Brown wins man, he wins. You know, we questioned a coming up to this was he prospect was he a contender? No more questions. I will say look, I know that ESPN and is on are pretty much the same. But I think that I'm starting. I'm starting to think that I like design a whole lot better just a whole lot better from the whether they categorized. They're fights disown and Dimitrius Andrei put on a show in New York City that big baby Miller was supposed to be on Android main events it with ACA. Call Archer Atakov also known as a wolverine who wittily didn't look like wolverine this time. He I don't know if it changed the haircut or whatever, but it just didn't fit the wolverine title anymore, but Dimitrius wins by a lily controversial stoppage and calls out. Triple g do you want? It do does. He get it Pablo. Fuck. Caesar can no on the TBB beating the odds every Friday on patron dot com full of its last box, invoice, we discussed how this guy not that. He was alive dog, but he was alive. Dole to go the distance. If you wanted to bet Lenora is going to distance. I swore up and down the canot was tough and battle-tested enough that the bumming Lenora wouldn't get past them. But sure enough the Norris prove me right over and over again for the many years that I said he wasn't on the level people place them. How does that win look for sealed woman chanko now when my man policies are can no comes out in first round stops them first round. Now. I don't want to hear any bullshit about how he moved up 'cause three fights ago. He fought at one forty and he scored a knockout so knock it off low fan boys out there TJ don't Henny never heard of them ever. How to get a title? No one knows sign a match room and the story begins. He got a. I don't know one retain the site already. I watched the fi. But it was like, I didn't know what I was watching really. I really don't. I I have to find out what exact weights these are. And how I gauge it usually is by the names of the fight is. I know this is was he does have an IBM super bantamweight title. But I always get confused with one fifteen when eighteen symptom lightweight, you know, you always confuse one thirty one thirty.

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