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Is the coach for the Roseville lady Tigers having daughters it's our job as fathers to help create the environment the culture for them to succeed and so I'm sure that in his heart he wanted to pave the way for his daughters see you experience equity in the game fourteen year old freshman lane Madrid of that Roseville team played against Kobe Bryant's daughter Gigi at an a a U. tournament in Long Beach last year this morning the number of coronavirus cases in California remains at two and escape the gays dina Kodiak reports that does not appear the virus is being spread in the United States from human to human for a virus to cause a pandemic it has to efficiently infect humans replicating humans and has to spread easily between people so far the only efficient infecting has been from animals cases in the US have also been imported in those cases may not easily infect people we only have found a few cases of person to person transmission and we're not even positive of that Dr don not gonna preventative medicine doctor it's not like influenza doesn't stay in the air for hours you know we list for a fairly short time it's also important to remember other coronaviruses like sars which has a high mortality rate about thirty percent a bad bug for sure but total infections eight thousand total in the world since two the and three so it's not spread easily like the common cold dealer Kodiak news ninety three point one KFBK the US government has charted a flight and plans to evacuate most of its diplomats and other staff in Wuhan China where the corona virus originated there due to arrive at SFO tomorrow morning A. B. C.'s Conor Finnigan covers the state department the flight will head to Ontario International Airport just outside Los Angeles a US official tells ABC news passengers will be screened ahead of time and monitored on board the CDC would then keep them in quarantine for at least three days in the LA area and for up to fourteen if they show signs of the corona virus more than two hundred people will be on the flight which is scheduled to land Wednesday morning Conor Finnigan ABC news Washington Ellen.

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