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New book which is called. Good things we're supposed to happen you by Joey noon and Oh oh any is available now yes you can get an Amazon perfect order signed copy you can get it at joy dot com and when I record the audio book you'll get A. I'll send you a free audio book if the website I sent all tourism is it to you terrific terrific F so getting back to what you do on stage. Are you constantly looking for new material. New People to have fun with well. I got so much stuff stuff that I utilize what I have and then I'll switch things around. I'll take things all up put new things in. I try to add one or two things every year but the nucle- The show is very powerful and it's a musical act you know so it's almost like people. Let's say you WANNA go see Barry. Manilow will you love Barry. manilow songs. Paramedics could come out with new stuff all the time. But when you're GONNA see Berry mental you want to hear. The songs with the hits hits so my stuff I bring. I bring the heads of all these artists when when they come to the show. I'll add new things in but I bring the heads every time people see me so it's not like going to a comedy act. We don't WanNA hand new jokes. Ray Charles I I. I met him Years ago and what a thrill that was and he was one of the most ECLECTIC and electric performance of all time. If a guy or Ray Charles is fabulous wtma thank you thank you. Can you share very go with the show Rigoberta long a I tell you what I say. Oh woman don't show me and your meaning so woman I've never seen seen a guaranteed sale. Show Oh man. It's such a treat to have you with me behind the microphone. Because it's it's you and all of that creative stuff flowing around in that beautiful head of your stuff just comes to me. I'm GonNa give you an example. Something that came to me and I didn't even realize that I had written the joke. It just happened happened some during a commercial appreciation restaurant. We both know that restaurant right. It's a lovely restaurant in the Maldon area. Yeah three St Martin and I'm doing a commercial for them and it's me with all my friends all the voices raining so I had this thing. Where do Robert Deniro Nicole? I said the fried ice cream will tickle your tonsils. Now the fried ice creams a big dish. Desert the fried ice cream ticket your tonsils and so I feel one is L. Pacino. We'd Ice Cream Ernie given Sunday well on Sunday Sunday. Like yeah I get it. I didn't realize I'd written joke. I was just throwing that in there because I didn't realize it was Sunday Sunday. I didn't get it. I'm like why it's funny that I thought it would be. I just kind of threw that punch line. See that's my kind of humor that's the Pun. which is the lowest form? Yeah but my mind Some people love ponds the lowest form you want. I I loved I loved it puts the lowest form of humor. Because it's simple it's simple that's what brilliance lies exactly so it's And then the Al Pacino comes in and goes you've got to fight for every scoop elegant every given Sunday 'cause you gotta fight for every inch and a fight for every scoop and a kind of combined him. In any given Sunday with Colonel Frank Slade and why not. Why not just some some of these people that you do though are because they're performers and sort of larger than life? They are easy to do. I mean some people seem to be very like for instance in the old days as you'd watch John Byner or obviously rich little and people like that and they would go after You know John Wayne Jack Benny See. Do All all those things and you do. A good Jimmy Stewart. WHO still go ahead? Now wait just a minute on. My name is Jimmy Stewart. Lord say a few words Jordan rich pod cashed a wonderful part. Gosh here's the question for. We're here before we wrap up. Do you find that. Occasionally you're doing a show and you're killing and all of a sudden you're doing a particular personality and the younger people in the audience. Look at you like you have three heads. WHO's that 'cause I've had I've mentioned names to people you know Humphrey Bogart? WHO's that it's weird? 'cause they in a way a lot of the younger generation. Their parents weren't really into that. They have parents might have been yeah but they might not followed in their parents like watching the old movies and stuff you know now but we're from that generation you know I'm the youngest of that generation. I'm forty seven. I grew up around. My parents are thirty five years older than me so I grew up listening to snatcher. And and and Bobby Darrin and all that stuff in Tony Banner. Hello everybody. I'm Tony Bennett. Who Come to you John? ooh Baby Mark Favorite play. He's very much. It's a love you and that was a good one because he does often acapella had great. He's ninety three and he's still going strong. It's wonderful well. He's obviously figured out now. What you figured out that the mind is where it's all keeps young? Joya you look young. I feel great. I'm loving what I do and you obviously love what you do do and I think that's what comes through. Well Joey thrilled that you made it here to the podcast. Joey noon is his real name and oh any not to be confused with Joey. No one anura somebody no no no. That's right I just wanted to say my last name Chinese. I want you to repeat after me. Lun Lun Chow Chow. Wah Wah Not Jolla. It's a stupid joke. Run into that some guy. That's me anyway. Joey JOEY VOICES DOT COM. Thank you so much Jordan. Thank you very much for having me and I want to buy the book go to Amazon. Look Joey noon. Good things are supposed to happen to you. Do you believe that folks. I hope that you do because there's a lot of people that don't and the first thing my advice I'd like to leave you these things I want to say. I don't put on the news first thing you wake up in the morning because your mind is only working at about twelve weeks cycles per second which means that. It's the most recordable so that's why that song that comes on the radio when you're loud clock sticks in your head on one. That's that's why put on something motivational inspirational. And I promise you. It will set the spirited tone for the rest of your day and I want you to remember one more thing. It's not the minutes at the dinner tape that make you fat. It's the second I'm GonNa give a little bit thank you thanks Joey. Thank God bless you might. Thanks once again to Joey Voices Aka Joey noon. The author of a brand new book entitled Good. Things are supposed to happen you available on Amazon. This podcast is available edible anywhere. PODCASTS are downloaded. We appreciate you listening and well into twenty twenty. We've got an amazing lineup of guests coming your way because this podcast is all about real. Oh Congress Asian with fascinating so until next time this is Jordan saying as always be well you can do a lot of good take care.

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