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State. Thirty one degrees. Stocks closed lower as investors way. The impact of a slowdown in China's economy the down gave up two hundred nine points. Nasdaq fell seventy nine in the SNP closed down twenty one Invidia and Caterpillar are among the companies that blame they're lagging sales on China's slowing economy airlines bucked the downward trend turning higher after a five week federal government shutdown ended the industry had been facing a shortage of TSA workers. And in some cases, air traffic controllers, Nevada. Gaming regulators say they'll find win resorts. After an investigation found former executive failed on numerous occasions to look into allegations of sexual misconduct against former CEO and founder Steve win, the National Labor Relations sports put the brakes on a decision to allow the Teamsters to represent scores of lift drivers who all passengers around. The Walt Disney World property in Florida. Disney is the parent company of ABC news. Daria Albinger, ABC news. It is official the government. Reopening this week, but lawmakers working to prevent the same thing from happening again in just three weeks with the thirty five day government shutdown at an end. Now, the hard part really begins with lawmakers sitting down together for the first time this Wednesday. The bipartisan group of seventeen from the house and Senate with a one seat majority for Democrats have until February fifteenth to come to a border security compromise to keep the government open. But the stickiest problem remains President Trump's insistence on nearly six billion dollars for a border wall. Trish Turner, ABC news Capitol Hill police on scene and lower price hill after shots were heard earlier this evening officers were sent to the intersection of stabler and state police have not confirmed how many were shot, but their injuries appear to be non-life-threatening if you can help please call crime stoppers at three five to thirty forty getting the word out that people have options to keep warm during the bitter cold coming this week. The first thing we're trying to do is get people to pay attention to the weather. So this isn't your normal January cold spell, and so we need people to be aware that these extreme temperatures, especially when you get to zero degrees and below zero with wind chill that it's a really dangerous situation and people need to take care of themselves. Nick Crossley is director of Hamilton county emergency management and homeland security. He says Cincinnati, libraries and community. Rec centers are available during the day. And as of right now, there are no plans to open county. Emergency shelters, Jack, crumley, News Radio seven hundred wwl w it looks like you're next update will be at eleven thirty rob carpenter. News Radio seven hundred wwl w..

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