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All concerned my frustrations were with myself and my inability to stop the situation to keep the team in the game I love going to hold my guys every day and trash I can really let them down both personally and professionally Terry Francona today was a frustrating day you know he did a lot of frustration I don't want to say something on a main her frustration back to power the times composer and that fire is what drives me today it completely consume me took over and just on so I'm sorry for Robert have the better about it will happen again at my teammates and organization willing to forgive me and continue except me the brother and I look forward to getting back out there with my guys next time and continuing on a road in our fight for what we set out to do the season which is World Series what power did has happened at least three times before in the major leagues Dave Righetti rob doubled the young young Kim and I saw what happened in a minor league game in Rohnert park in ninety nine former ace pitcher Miguel Jimenez allowed the winning run to score from third while he was arguing with the first base umpire and he threw the ball over the right field fence Jimenez majored in criminology at Fordham very sharp guy told us at the time that he wanted to become an FBI agent so I looked him up on wikipedia but all I could find is this he is correct early the commissioner of the bring your game fantasy league a quote press dangerous fantasy league based out of Arizona sounds like they may have been written by himself add to what I thought at the sports dusty Baker KCBS triple a auto insurance isn't just about protecting metal and glass it's about the people inside the car did you check the tires the story the name server sliding Sir slide for delay in two thousand twelve they released their first song online simply to see how people would take to it likely was.

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