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But leave that every seek less in your body is going to look to god but leave god that high blood pressure the heart condition somebody listening to this program you have a very we cut believe culturally that god is going to heal your heart guarded glenn to restore strength your in admit you are weak in your body the bible said that the body is to glorify god there is not an impossible with god if you can't believe it you will see the glory of god praise the name of the lord in order bible says in the book of germs jumped jumps chapter four i wanna read that for us the book of gems chapter iv us of luca wonderbubbles he says submit your serves therefore to god resent the devil and he will free from you the bible said he resisted that he's going to flee set tom does not have the power to control you and me if we resisting hud will resisting bus tandon christopher submitted not with us to god you can't resist sit on he'd also meet yossef to god allow jesus to be a lot of your life and dan moore resistant by declaring mass standing on the word of god there is power in the word of god the publishers us used tundra underwater of god that saddam has not tried to flee people try to push you humid threat will bring dust your mind missile timed on keep confidence in the water of god there has no other alternative but to flee praise the name of the lord in officials jump the four luca what the bible says in the book of officials chapter four versus twenty six and twenty seven the bible says b u angry as seen not let's not disarmed go down upon your rough night that give placed to the devil the bible says he said give not the devil if who'd he said don't give humanely chant don't give manual porch in it and that can be hutuled if it gives the time if hutuled he is called the taliban took a strong code could the bible says give give not don't give him any place tech kyodo said yes he would drop everything he can but jesus have voted one two victory i shoot at ice turned upon the word of god.

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