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Public with convenient, trusted places to get vaccinated in their communities. Jeff since says In three weeks, the government will ramp up to ship 10.5 million doses a week across the country. Governor Pulis says 50 Colorado pharmacies will get 5 to 10,000 vaccines. Within these shipments Hope is fading for a bipartisan compromise on covert 19 relief. We are not going to dilute Either or delay because the needs of the American people are just too great. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says the $618 billion Republican proposal is to small President Biden once nearly $2 trillion deal approved by March. Denver D A. Beth McCann will charge two of three teens arrested in a fatal arson fire as adults. 16 year olds Kevin Buoy and Gavin Seymour are facing 60 felony counts in connection with last August Fire in Green Valley Ranch. Five members of a family from Senegal were killed. Predicting that fewer people will bet on the Super Bowl of the American Gaming Association says It's mostly because most of us are working from home and there will be many office pools. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will step down later this year to come. Executive Chair of Amazon. Ah Big tech Rally led Wall Street Today the Dow soared 476 NASDAQ Up 209, the S and P 500 gained 52. In sports. Big Alan Jo Jo talking about it, Dick Monfort on the trade of Nolan or an auto, I'd like to think we had a part. In the player he has become. The Rockies owner explaining how the trade all came together. We talked with several teams..

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