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We can't beat that team. It's in that locker room and the press. They got a defensive. I'm hall of fame stuff at defensive end. We can't beat that team. Jason Taylor finish his career hall of fame worthy. You lose to them. If you'd been with them, you'd be Bruschi. You'd be all over television as a national star on television because you're beautiful, and your team was excellent Bruschi. Exactly. I mean breaks a little bit exacting went pretty well for Jason Taylor. I'm saying that there's a national perception that he could have as a winner that he does not have this team, do you Jason Taylor would rather be Jason Taylor or Tedy Bruschi think about that. Put it on the poll. I mean, consider everything before you answer that question, what he rather be Jason Taylor or what he rather be Tedy Bruschi and everything that comes with money Tedy Bruschi you your, your change has been complete. You began as a dopey caveman sports fan who has now become a cartoon caricature of that sports fan. But you're the reason that I had Robert orient to ask him specifically rob if he'd rather have those titles or the career of Charles Barkley. It's the reason that we talked to bigshot Bob about that because you're arguing and you spent this. This is before Stu gods realized with self-awareness, what a dirty dirty human being. He is sports fan. He was arguing for me that he would rather be Bob Ori than Charles Barkley. And Bob ORR came on with us and said, oh, no, I'd rather have Charles career. What are you? Kidding me? He was great. I just made a bunch shots. He was great, but he's big shot. Bob. I mean, I think he was lying to us that day to be honest. So while I love your question is a hypothetical. I reveal use a fraud in front of the masses because it's not actually a difficult question for you. That's been revealed ready. I'm good. So the dolphins have to win this game for you. What? If they, they play tight? I still don't trust them and I still am not finished. I, I still trust the patriots and still don't trust the dolphins even if they win this game. But my thoughts on this don't matter because they changed nationally. Some. Well, my thoughts on this don't matter because they're my thoughts, but the way that this team has received nationally, if you want to be the story right now that the Rams and the chiefs are in that sport, you beat the page, oh, score against the patriots. Go, go make those big plays where you look faster than the patriots where your guys can high five down the field on the road because they're running seventy yards or one of these one place seventy yard drive. This is such a tough spot for any team. They're really good teams go into new way as possible, but they do it Mike. What I'm saying, yes, this is a game. The Miami Dolphins have lost for a decade and a half. And this is a game that the NFL has lost since two thousand. That's correct. And so it is a big ass because the dolphins have never beaten Brady in Foxborough. But what I'm telling you is in the state that they're in injured. Fighting slow doubting old old slow. If you can't do it now. When the bleep or you're going to do it. Like I understand it's a big ask, but this is it three, you know, come on, Mike. That's why it's an enormous foot and insult Florida because this team has been in your way for fifteen years too. I feel we're gonna come in here Monday and do the same old dolphin show. Being FSU week, of course, maybe they, maybe they do something wacky like get a twenty three, nothing lead or something, but I fully expect to come in here on Monday and do the show about how they blew Twenty-three. Nothing Li, I don't know about you guys, but Dan is get me fired up for the football weekend, real gay. This is real. The sports fan in me over years has been slowly killed. Last week I emerged was at a tailgate staring into my past you into my youth..

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