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Or veto tomorrow night That is going to Throw these Cookout plan which has been brewing for what ten weeks now. They will come up just short yet. This is the first double that. I'm just like let everything be boring. Meaning let you know. Listen out win. She's the one that sent home. Like i know that. Been plenty of doubles in the past. I've been disappointed. He was like wait. That was that was it okay. Those people went home gares. But this one now i don't want the worst to happen But it's just like i. I'm glad that the way things are happening this week in terms of like x. Waiting to try to really paint a bad picture with getting tiffany out because then you won't have time because it's a double so i think it's going to be a really good double long as it doesn't want h scott. Is there any suspicion in the house of that Tomorrow night is a double. I know that like the double talk is always a foot. I don't think that they suspect. Specifically tomorrow to be adult really knocking suspect back to back doubles. I think it's great planning on cbs. Despite i love that i think it's fantastic. I'm so glad they're doing this instead of doing. the triple. Because we all hate the triple and this at least like you know it kind of makes them feel comforted like. Oh we've we've gone through the double. We did it guys and then immediately hit him with another double. I think it's great. I love it. Yeah okay so That the double eviction is not really gamed out but Do we know who is who is competing for h. Oh heading into thursday. Seem like nine. I feel like nobody wants. Nobody wants it because they all want to not to be available once the six hits So i do know that x. spending on throwing it. I don't think this is planning on throwing it. I think well it's hard to say because people will be going back and forth. I think most of the people don't want to win it. But i think hannah might be interested in winning it and aasa. I don't know. I feel Earned their concerns for themselves for tiffany at this point so i do think they might go for it. I don't know for sure though. Yeah right now. it's looking like hannah. A big d and eliza will be competing like not throwing it so it seems like one of those four would be the next the w. h. o. h. okay. I know hannah has been like i really want this. And letting people know that like she is very okay with taking the final seventy eight ad as someone who has set up well within the sex. I think that is an okay. Move for her. okay We could talk through scenarios for the double eviction but i guess Let's let's talk about the episode from tonight and talk about some of the things That we got here of course A lot of uh talk in the beginning of the episode about That claire should be the target. If that y- xavier and elicit talking about how you know it should be a clear up there and ultimately Xavier's upset should've been clear and tiffany on the block this week. Why why did she have to go and win this. I mean we're already into wednesday. The wednesday episode still talking about this asia. It's like xavier. There are two people that aren't in the cookout. So what does it matter. Okay if if if it if it doesn't truly matter who's out because you know they're both gonna go then. Why are you upset. Because he's acting as if like okay. Well then i shouldn't have thrown it. I should've wanted. And then what. Okay you get out claire. And then next week you're getting out of listen like is that the plan because it shouldn't matter if elissa goes this week or next week and so yeah it's just so annoying that he was trying to make it seem like he made the ultimate sacrifice by throwing this competition and now tiffany's selfish and even is like welcome big brother and he's like no. It's not big brother. That's just being selfish. I'm sorry xavier but did tiffany cold hands with you. Ou'd ition for big brother and and walked into the house and decided to do this absolutely not. Yeah and honestly it makes it. It would make me a little suspicious with him being so upset about it. Because i'd be like okay so are like it. Shouldn't it be interchangeable like. Why does it really matter. If we're just trying to get out a non cookout member like all non cookout men members are expendable quote unquote. Why does it matter the order and to me. That would make me think okay. Are you planning on using a listen to like. Get some alley. Are you planning on keeping a list of further. Is that your intention. Like i would be nervous about that and to be honest like i'm not totally convinced that he's not planning on using as a weapon to get other people out like i honestly don't know and he's obviously saying oh it's just. I'm not worried about seclude. Go like it's like well no like it is about you because the if it was about the cookout and it literally wouldn't matter as long as you're getting album non cookout member out. This would have been a perfect opportunity to throw suss on xavier. While everybody's thinking tiffany's the one that's gonna turn on the cookout. No no no no. We need to to dig into this a little bit more about why. You're so pressed honestly. Like i know we were talking about it. A couple of weeks ago on the podcast. I really feel like that. Hannah probably was the person the cookout that was able to get rid of their partner without with the least amount of blood on their hands where everybody else like Like ended up like taking some damage. Whenever it was their person's week to go like They kind of got beat up a little bit of kylie. Can you believe what he's doing. this week Tiffany oh exhibit. He doesn't want to let a elicit go. I mean she was the one person that just was like look. I'm not going to mecca. I'll help get out of the house And she's the only person that like probably like Their stock and stock watch There's of the house like Didn't go down because of it I think she realized early on like Dx not gonna let get very far. Let me focus on my relationships within the cookout and people that are actually going to be there later in the game rather than holding out hope that he is going to be at final seven six. Yeah she was like the first ones to realize like. I'm not even gonna like Attempt to like to tease myself. That i could keep my person everybody else up. But what if what. if it's funny santana is. Set up the best right now with the six that you know. She was the one willing to do that. Because it's like even executive. You're just oh i couldn't. I can't do that to elissa like he. He doesn't wanna be h wage because he can..

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