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I'm leave on Putney and three things to know here at three fifteen one New York City accounted for about two thirds of all US measles cases reported last week, mostly in Williamsburg, and borough park, Brooklyn and city health officials now ordered all Yeshivas in Williamsburg and not allow any non-vaccinated students in classes at least during the current measles outbreak in to try to get the President Trump's tax returns, New York state. Legislators are now debating a Bill that would require all elected officials in New York, including the president of the United States to release their state returns and three a former actress on the CW show smallville pleaded guilty Monday to charges linked her connection. Sue what federal prosecutors say amounted to a sex Colt. Allison Mack is accused of recruiting sex slaves for Nexium, founder, Keith Ranieri. She had denied the allegations. Until now just before jury. Election was set to get underway. She appeared inside the courthouse and pled guilty to racketeering charges holding back tears. She apologized to the victims and her family outside the courthouse. She said nothing held your head down walked to apart linked by lawyers. That was driven off. It's not clear shila SIS prosecutors as they pursue sex trafficking. Charges against Keith Ranieri and charges against Clare Bronfman, the Seagram's liquor heiress who's accused of helping fund the organization it operated as a self help group upstate in the Albany area at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn ran WCBS. Newsradio eighty well. The General Assembly's judiciary committee in Connecticut voted Monday to advance a Bill to outline how recreational marijuana Houston sales would be legalized for folks twenty one and over same panel also approve bills clarifying that employers do not have to allow workers to possess smoke or consume marijuana or carry out duties under the influence another Bill addresses driving under the influence of pot. Still unclear if there will be enough support for we legalization this session in Connecticut. Staying up there were two teens or now facing arson charges if they arrested Monday accused of setting six fires in all including one back in January that destroyed the historic American Shakespeare theatre in Stratford where Katherine Hepburn Christopher Plummer James Earl Jones and other stars performed the Connecticut post is reporting police think the seventeen eighteen year old Bennell high schoolers also lit a fire that damaged ill southbound.

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