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No police dogs turn on the phone. No Billy clubs getting people's so It shows that you could disperse the crowd. Basically, I guess America's capital. Disgusting. It's embarrassing should never happen to catch. Those were all black people storming Capitol and what would have happened. We just wrapped up an unprecedented year in 2020, and if Wednesday proved anything the Unprecedented times did not end when we turned the page on our calendars. Washington with an on real scene of the capital Wednesday, supporters of President Trump breaching the Capitol building in their writing. ESPN Michael Wilbon in his career. Years of the Washington Post. You know how When you fly into Washington from most points West, you have that magnificent view off the Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument and then the U. S Capitol. And it just It's right there before you and you fly and you see it and it is majestic and to have made that flight net landing hundreds of times just to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue East. Toward the United States Capitol and to think of it being breached to see the pictures of it being preachy. These are acts of domestic terrorism. And so we're seeing something today that I never imagined. I mean, it looks like some ridiculous, apocalyptic movie that there seems to be one of every week and you know that it's a ridiculous apocalypse movie and you just miss it. But to see this to see people breached the United States Capitol. It's just stunning, intended to hear the news and follow it or someone being shot for someone who's lived. As you said, I've moved. There's an intern. I've lived in Washington. You know, most of my all of my adult life, and this is just not something you expect to play out in the United States. You expect to see this. We see these pictures coming from a banana republic. We see them coming from somewhere around the world. And we sort of just brush it aside and said we would never have that. And now we have that for for what objection to a free and fair election. This is not going away, Stephen A. This is not going away any time soon. And we're gonna all have to deal with this. Well, that shouldn't go away. Mike will wanna let me Jack posses should go away at all. Let me interject by saying this. We saw players the Russell Westbrook's of the world. The LeBron James of the world. The jail in Brown's of the world, along with various others, Malcolm Broad, then Individuals who happen to be black, very, very successful athletes who conduct themselves like model citizens, and we see how they were labeled, and we only imagine how they would be treated. Doc Rivers spoke about that. Stan Van Gundy spoke about that We saw Kevin Love allude to it as well. If black folks were on Capitol Hill and try to engage which what looked to me to be an insurrection assed far as I'm concerned, that's how it looked to me if black folks on Capitol Hill Conducting themselves in such a fashion that they got inside the Capitol in the Rotunda. One can only imagine what would happen to them as we sit here and think about that Mike will bond and we think about the players and how conscientious they are. What do you expect to hear from them tonight? What do you hope to hear from them tonight? Tomorrow and into the days that follow about what? We're witnesses and what we've witnessed today. We're going to hear outrage. I mean, we're talking about players that we saw all Summer Express and not just players, Officials, coaches, people in the industry industrywide express outrage in you need. You need to hear that. We know what would've happened. If those have been black and brown people, Stephen A. There would've been no breach into the United States. Capitol knows what And it's it. Is there anything close to it? You'd have seen something more severe than water hoses and dogs. You just you just seen shooting. I mean, you would have we saw what we saw in Lafayette Square, which is on Lee about 2.5 miles away from the U. S capitol. We saw what we did What we had there with the confront of the confrontation between Police and peaceful objectors a few months ago, back in the summer, so we know exactly what we would have seen. Police in Washington, D. C. Say There were four people who died on Wednesday. The woman who we know was fatally shot inside the building, and police say there were three others who had unspecified medical emergencies on the grounds of the capital. And died. More reactions coming up this morning, Keyshawn J will and Zubin 6 to 10 eastern here on ESPN Radio Right now, SportsCenter all night NBA action. On Wednesday, the Wizards were in action. They were not in Washington. They were in Philly. They get a 60 point game from Bradley Beal. In a loss. Six years with a 1 41 1 36 victory over the Wizard's Jo Ellan Be finishing with 38 points in the wind like to think that every time I'm on the small, you know, Wanna Wanted team. I don't want my son to be to do the best shop. Awesome. Book s O. You know, whenever I'm on the floor, you know, Wanna I live in my team? I wanna make sure we win games. So Don't worry, no stopping situations. Whatever you wanna call it closer or whatever. I gotta do my job. I gotta take it over and I gotta you know, kind of someone's Sixers when 18 of 29 on three pointers, 62% their best three point shooting in a game since the three point line was introduced. 1979 the starters for Philly combined to score 117 points. Most by a Sixers starting five in the last quarter century. First time there's seven and one or better through eight games since they won their first eight. In 2000. Celtics and heat. Came down.

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