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I knew the a flame goldwater rule in a moment it's a somewhat obscure historical artifact of of a lawsuit the took place indict inflicts the four um that uh barry goldwater aggasing article the survey from sokaiya trish instead it barry goldwater was stable um and barry goldwater lost feel exited the food the magazine in one the lawsuit uh adam in fact it was actually untrue very older if he was not a vape conservative but that she quite fay um but the americans forget association felt so embarrassed by the loss of a path this rule thank from now off was the guy i ever make a comment about a public figures by the leslie personally valentine's out there permission which if never and the in most cases that's fine if you know the characters probably shouldn't be going on oprah opining about the mental health of celebrities or what have you but it really didn't anticipate a situation like the uh one where we have someone who's um with the country in the world really needed to have an objective mental health assessment as you mentioned of this person because his mental instability and he is impulsive at the and is malignant narcissist are actually a threat the national and international security a threat short tomorrow awkward see um it it and the threat to our very a physical exist no question about it i wanna start a war so this is an existential threat at every level every person alive today this is a massive a afoot to say that you know i know that there's a bomb i don't play and all the people of but i'm not going to say anything about it because that would be unethical i violated old water will i mean that's how absurd it uh you know that we're talking about threats to the lives of millions of people but because of a lawsuit 1954 none of us buffet scale which it has a you know our do a little reading on that because the editor.

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