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This podcast is supported by CBS n the live streaming video news channel from CBS News Cbs N. is the original reporting in breaking news you trust from CBS News and it's always on we focus on facts not opinion. It's news for everyone. CBS is perfect for cord cutters because you can watch wherever you are across all streaming devices. Here's here's how you do it download the CBS News App any APP store and then start watching C. BSN right away for free. I'm Laura Anderson. I am one of the people that make the daily and I'm also one of the people who made a show called Caliphate. It's a show that follows community Kalmykia she reports on Isis. I can remember the first time I heard the interview Rukmini and our produce the animals had done with a former isis member. He confesses to things he does as part of the group's religious police if felt like such a rare interview when we had our doubts about the story he told us us we pulled on every level. We had to get to the bottom of it. We leaned on reporters with sources and national security agencies. We used the full muscle of the New York Times newsroom to get to the truth of his story. I can't think of another place. This story could come together and that is what you get. When you subscribe to The New York Times we are setting out to make stories that only the New York Times can tell so if you want want to support our efforts to keep bringing shows like the view. Please subscribe to the New York Times and thank you so Peter. I guess the question here is why why hire a national security adviser who is so fundamentally different from you on the issue of national security well. It's a great question what president trump liked liked about John Bolton joining me right now former. US Ambassador to the UN Ambassador John Bolton Ambassador. I was seeing on Fox News and very aggressively articulating conservative point of view people talk about closing this border for a long time. I was in the Reagan administration. We passed the nineteen eighty-six Immigration Reform and Control Act which was closed the borders. They thought that Bolton was kind of like minded huge realistic version of political figure. They do share some things. It's idea of America first does play into John Bolton's philosophy as well. He describes himself as an American nationalist. He's not all that thrilled with allies. Neither is president trump he doesn't really believe in the UN or allies international organizations and think that they're very effective or or that the United States should be subordinating itself to them. I'm neither does president trump. What he missed was that bones view is very different than his own view. Then president trump's view on a lot of these big issues on north career where president trump wanted negotiate with Kim Jong UN and John Bolton thought that was probably unwise. There's not a lot of time to waste here talking to the North Koreans. This is a waste of time on Iran. How long would it take for Iran to get a deliverable nuclear weapon roughly one day after North Korea gets where just a couple of months ago John Bolton teed up a retaliatory strike for the downing of an American surveillance drone right and the president hold it back at the last minute right on Russia John Bolton much much tougher much more skeptical of Ladimir Putin's Russia than the president would never invite them back into the g. Seven the way the president has talked about and finally of of course these last few days. We see highlighted in this very big dramatic way. There's no blind trust in the Taliban in this administration. That's for sure they idea of negotiating with the Taliban.

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