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Yeah it kind of seems cold calculating brainiac he kinda just does what's necessary. This area like leaves dreamer locked up. But he's like because she will do this and it will you know it's something to for. It's it's a setup for the future as as he puts it and then John is like we're not gonNA leave her here alone and he's like we're not and then he puts John Down and I love the remembered. You chose this this with your plan to so so Yeah it was. It was interesting. He it wasn't like like okay this the plan. I'm a catch you. We're GONNA lock you up and you you can go with her. You know what I mean. It's like he had some with all these pressure points and put them down and takes him into custody. So it's definitely a lot got more cold than then brain he's been all season trying to Be Emotional and learn learn human ways. I love when they made the comment about doing star wars. You know about two thousand people where they call it the wookey the the wookey capture Mike was to myself. I was like they're going to get help. I'm right. I am not not doing get help get help I get help. I brought her a c mm-hmm this episode. We didn't get a lot of Jimmy. Now he's He's having awesome adverse reactions to the heron. Although it's causing him problems and it's causing Lockwood Problem Slack with losing hair rock could newsday but I mean like with becoming lockwood but no I mean it makes sense for lockwood in for Jimmy both be having problems Tamie Jimmy a little less. Just because of the other they went through experiments and trials and Lockwood just took a very broad dose. Yeah yeah they're just they just have to they they have to Kinda give it the the reason for them to develop the extractor to remove the Harun Al l. from from Jimmy because it's causing problems and you know get rid of his superpowers and remove the Remove the Harun Al from Lockwood. Because you know that Kinda guy does not need superpowers. No but it doesn't need superpowers.

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