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Leno Linosa body, and smeared the couple's blood on the walls. California's Democratic Party has a new leader more in two minutes after traffic. It's four thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Denise Fonda on the five tough ride today, southbound side out of these interchange in Norwalk actually slower speeds than normal because we had a problem in Norwalk on the southbound side and the northbound side today, and it looks like the northbound side problem may still be there. And that's north Bennet. Norwalk got a big rig. Stuck in lanes traffic is backed up from beach boulevard, so tough ride for you through there and fifty seven north at the sixty big rig crash on the right shoulder. Traffic is pretty sluggish starting at about Lambert road. Let's head to the San Fernando Valley talk to Scott to win jam Cam of a crash in studio city for the westbound right at laurel. Canyon looks like a dick off to the right shoulder. But heavy out of the one thirty four westbound starting about Hollywood way will continue heavy over to and through the four five hundred change some eastbound slowing on Calabasas Woodland Hills. And it gets tougher right around the four or five heading over toward the Hollywood freeway problems for the one ten freeway with Brian southbound side, right before sepulveda's boulevard, a crash in the two left lanes for quite a while looks like is just cleared over the past moment, itself still slow drive on that south outside from before the ninety one and northbound. It's caught your attention as well. You're heavy from PCH to sepulveda's sixties span at hacienda. We've got a crash right shoulder. Some slowing on the eastbound side to their doesn't look too bad ninety one eastern imperial. There's a stall reported run on the off ramp. The mainline is slow from about the fifty five next report, four forty five. I'm Denise founded with more traffic reports, more often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio sixties and seventies for most of us little bit warmer than yesterday. But below average for most of us for tomorrow, warming trend continues, we take it up a few degrees,.

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