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I mean, also, I think it's fair to ask why the Josh Ruben dude is there like I guess that he's got a good relationship, but it's players, but I don't want to own her at my birthday party. I'm twenty two. And by the way, if I'm the owner, I don't necessarily want meek mill. They've been Simmons birthday party. I mean, you know, they did a role, but his judgment ain't great and his Bob Kraft. He just he likes these crawls. These rooms. I think Michael Rubin, right? Is essential to the meek mill getting out of jail story. And that's why. Right? But the Bob Kraft, it's interesting because this dude is a players owner. And by that I mean, you know, who's not in these pictures Bill check, no, Bob, Kraft likes hanging out with the hold on. No Bill ballot check is not in these pitch pitchers. Know who else? These pictures? Any New England Patriots, right. Like if I showed you these pictures of Bob Kraft with all these people, that's it. I want you to pick out the team that keeps brought our wide receivers. Julian idiom adult. Chris is that to get that you would have like the image of him at the rock nation. Brush we see him hanging Jay, z, and Beyonce. We see them in all these places that have nothing to do with the New England, Patriots how 'bout you bring some of this personality to the New England page, and we show America the other photos of Bob Kraft, making his the world. Look at this man squatting day is posted up go. She may and again with me mill by the way, alternate show that looks at meek. Mill was like, wow, why is he this picture with Bob Kraft there? He is. Era, our colleague, a rod and j. j. that is Rick Ross, yes. I also wanna know how many of these people in these pictures with him like know who he is. I just beyond say, have any idea who he is that just another rich white man that they have pain with, but I think they must know who he is, and this is the fun of being a billionaire sports owner. Instead of a billionaire businessman is that you get to be a guy around town was hobnobbing, who is cool, was cultural currency who says, hey, come to the game next week, and that's fun knows who do you think that when they took that picture the nozzles, like, yo, what's the whole Bob Kraft owner of the Super Bowl, champion, New England, Patriots. I've seen so many photos of him with VIP's from areas of the world, not expect. I could only glue the answer. I'm sure like Jay z knows him. He knows Jay z. Like I get that. That's who got him in the room. You ain't never been in a room before it. Everybody's like who'd help this guy how he get here. I'm not everybody. I'd like I don't feel like he's walking in and it's like cheers, and he walks in the room and they're Like like. Robert, I don't think that's what's going on here with Bob grip somebody's cats alike. Y'all who is Johnny on the spot. This always here with jape by the way. That's why the new craft is that why cause the aluminum body? Because he's throwing up the rock and you may actually plausibly be a member of the aluminum. That would be showing every that would be why they didn't know who he is. What they do know is he must be rich. That's that's the conclusion, is they've jaw the only way that all the way old may kick it with him like that is if he is rich, that's it. The general manager of a very important public service announcement. You can take this show to go by downloading the podcast for money has one too, and so do I put some respect on my name. So you really nothing me with I wanna sex. You know, I have done some cursory Ling up course. Yes. All stuff that I've heard before, but never truly contemplated until this moment with you. Remember this next time you till how many black people that your win by the way. Hen. I think that's the over if people were guessing out there in America..

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