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Point seventy sandy Koufax number two at zero point nine five ERA so the Yankees get the jump on the Astros with the seven nothing win Houston held to just three hits and in the media room let's head back to Houston the manager of the Astros AJ Hinch ager what was to knock a doing so lucky because I felt like a slider was especially good tonight yeah I think everything's pretty good tonight you know that's probably the best that we've seen on on a small sample the to excuse game plan is pitches tempo just about everything was working for a week we can create a ton of traffic form when he did he got some double plays he was just really really good tonight what made tore as such a tough out tonight here he didn't he didn't miss any pitches you know the I just looked like he was locked in on pitches whether he you know sort of look to the right location right spot you know you do to blue the bloop single at the end you know this is kind of well placed for the home run the the double was key you know has a league fastball that it wasn't supposed to be where it ended up in and he didn't miss it which is you know this one is one the better hitters AJ you're got your team is so good here in this ballpark do you think an opponent has to do with the kind of details like very aggressive first pitch strike throwing in very aggressive early in the count against the guy was not going to walk him like going to I think I think the the general answer is you know you you you have your approach against a picture that your face and on both are your have your approach against the line up you know the Yankees they they they they can come at you with a lot of different ways so I don't really care what venue you're out they have they have their their approach and and they did a few things today that they don't normally do you know your some judge one up there is one of the first page and that's a that's a rarity you know they were trying to me Zack was going to pound the strike zone and and he did as I was really good you know I think at the end you get couple to strike into out hitting that's where that's where the Yankees really kind of broke think broke through separated themselves a little bit but I don't think the venue matters as much as the match up of how they felt like they had to come in and you know piece together some hits and they did in the negative all the ball park in a stand at the bar up to right center Tauruses of all the Crawford box and they just they continued coming at you which is you know which is rather good A. J. hence the manager of the Astros the relentless Yankees lineup and Masahiro Tanaka and the relief corps pitching in on their three hitter first Yankees win in Houston this season they got swept at minute maid park way back in early April of course lost all four times in the LCS in Houston but they get the jump seven nothing in game one of the American League Championship Series coming up on the vivid seats postgame show what Masahiro Tanaka prove tonight this is the American League Championship Series.

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