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Group. Deba Fellowship, Home Loans. Equal Housing Opportunity. Lender MLS number 6134. Chris has a pharmacy story that rivals mine. Hey, Chris, Isn't that crazy? That sing song pharmacist who refused to dispense my Ivor Mactan? It's mind boggling, Mike, But I gotta tell you, I live where you live, my friend, and it just happened yesterday. Hey, we had had a young lady. I was waiting in line. She just found out she had to have open heart surgery. Do you know the hospital told her that in order to get that surgery, she had to be vaccinated. So she was there happened here on the phone because we're online And I told her Hey, I don't mean to overstep Just happened to hear because we were standing next to each other, and I just want to share some things that you don't have to get this because it seemed like she didn't want to. And that pharmacist came out and told me to get away from her and stops feeding her lies. Like it wasn't pretty. I had my little Steve moment. But I told him to get back in his cage. Put it, you know, with his diaper on his face, and because he deals in science here, and I'm going this is unbelievable. Pharmacist actually came out from behind the counter and told you to stop talking to somebody has God as my witness. I told him, I said, Who's going to make me stop Herb stopped doctor Review. That bus or step back is unbelievable. Unreal. Unreal. You know what purpose But it takes people like you, Chris to stand up and good for you and glad I'm glad you did. I'm telling you, Chris, we are down the rabbit hole. We are in upside down world and these bullies think they can get away with it And they can't We just got to keep standing up. Tomorrow. We're going to talk to that young lady who was fired from the national anthem gig here in Tampa Bay. She's going to join us. So don't miss Tomorrow's show where victory Boyd will stop by and tell us her story. Thanks for joining us Have a great day. Be safe. Keep fighting the good fight on my Gallagher. God bless America. Okay? Wonderful..

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