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They found the thirty one year old man who was shot bleeding on the sidewalk he was taken to the hospital in critical condition that man police say was armed inside the home two men were found shot dead. One of those men in his twenties. The other in his forties. Authorities believe some sort of gunfight happens in the house. Here's police Commissioner Richard Ross, this is a very unfortunate incident. It appears to have some illegal things that have happened here. Ross says the teenager who called authorities is the son of one of the victims who died he was inside. He heard all of this also in the home during all this. Ross says two women and a baby. None of them were hurt. Andrew, Kramer, KYW NewsRadio. There has been an arrest in connection with a triple murder and tiogue last weekend. KYW's John mcdevitt reports a man renting a room from one of the victims has been charged thirty sellers. The Twenty-three-year-old tizzy young was arrested without incident at sixteenth and chestnuts research center city, he was on a shopping spree. Police say using ninety two year old war and Harrison's credit card. Mr Harrison fifty seven year old Earl coddle in six-year-old Kadisha Abdulah were murdered inside. Mr Harrison's, West Bengal street. Home young has been charged with the three murders and theft charges. Captain Jack Ryan is with homicide. Mr. young had ski criers. Yeah. The twenty four teams after rush a fall by two contents which were just. Basically filled with for court. Released in July of this year from prison. Get the Ryan says it's unclear how long young lived at the house and adds. He was in the process of being a victim by Mr Harrison, John mcdevitt, KYW NewsRadio couple from Clifton heights. Delaware County is behind bars charged in the death of their ten month old baby girl. Authorities say somehow ingested the deadly drug Fenton, o k y w Marc Abrahams reports upper Darby police say the medical examiner's toxicology reports show the Fenton all poisoning after infant Angelina died in the hospital last April police say thirty one year old Joseph Balado and thirty four year old Lauryn seminar are charged with murder. Involuntary manslaughter could spiracy and related tribes. Upper Darby police superintendent, Michael Chitwood the initial information we had was that the child drowned in a bathtub. That was alive. Chitwood says an autopsy showed no evidence of water in the baby's lungs. Delaware county. DA cat. Copeland says the parents knew the baby had somehow gotten her hands on the drug and did nothing to eight hours when a life was a stake their own baby daughter meant that they failed to take necessary and reasonable steps to provide lifesaving care to a ten month old baby girl, who protected still aren't certain how the infant got her hands on the drug or how it got into her body Chitwood says both parents have criminal records and are no drug users Marc Abrahams KYW NewsRadio next Thursday, the anti overdose. Medication nor can will be provided for free sites across the state, including more than a dozen sites.

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