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Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo news. Good evening. It's five. Oh, two. We have forty eight degrees in Seattle. I'm Elisa Jaffe with Tom glasco. Here are the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. America's newest pro hockey town gets visit from the man at the helm of the National Hockey League. Komo's Ryan Harris has more on the Commissioner's. Visit. This is Gary Bettman's first trip to Seattle since the league awarded the city. It's thirty second team. But he's here for no specific announcement. There's no collective bargaining agreement extension in place, which means the possibility of a player lockout year ahead of the twenty twenty one inaugural season for Seattle's hockey team. But the Commissioner tells me he believes it's not imminent. I hope we can extend to renew with minimum fanfare, and I'm not a fan of work stoppages. Although we do have to have a system that works and keeps the game healthy and vibrant than entertaining. As it is now. So we'll see what happens, but I'm looking for five Bettman says Seattle's franchise we'll be subject to the same expansion draft. Rules, Las Vegas, which allows it to be competitive. When the first puck drops the Commissioner also says Seattle hosting an all star game or NHL draft or very likely. Why lots of rain means an outdoor game is not at the space. Needle Ryan Harris. Komo news transportation officials in Seattle plan to toe tenacity when the closure turns curbside spaces in a no parking zones. Come corwin. Hake has more from underneath the vita. If city streets are as clogged as city leaders expect beginning next Monday morning emergency vehicles could struggle. With response times Heather marks is director of downtown mobility for the Seattle department of transportation in order to.

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