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The last week of your GMC terrain seventy Watson wrote I heart radio now the number one app for podcasting and the best way to listen to newsradio seven forty KTRE everywhere you go so coming up in just a few we're going to talk with their Sheila Northcutt owner of north cut travel agency about getting refunds for your hotel for your vacation rental or whatever it is that you might not be able to go to now due to the corona virus and fears of travel etcetera can you get refunds and I'm gonna expand that conversation to colleges it's happening in various parts of the country we just talked about a school that's causing for two weeks while in number a number of states including Ohio which yesterday declared a state of emergency in the governor recommended that colleges stop face to face instruction in other words don't bring all of the students in the classrooms and auditoriums do online education teach them by way of remote learning in the reason why I like I said the other for the fear of the corona virus so kids are going home by the thousands and are going to just do their work and their parents you know living rooms and the question becomes many are saying how about my room and board for the next three weeks two months or so that they're doing this online instruction can we get some refunds for the meals that we are not eating since you kicked us off campus and told us to go learn by way of our computer screens so what about refunding money that has been spent that is now not now going to provide nothing cannot refunds happen so whether it's vacations whether it's school there are a lot of different ways that this coronaviruses impacting each the economy is not only the country but each individual person and their budgets we'll talk more about that coming up with a Sheila north got five forty one out traffic and weather so let's get a look at the morning drive once again was really dark it's a pretty good look so far we don't have any big problems on the roadways we are start to fill in a little bit time seeing a little bit of a slowdown on the outbound side of the hardy toll road and that's going to be right around all dean Bender summing up to check and see if we have something there the inbound side of forty five north freeway right around shepherd start to see a wagon traffic there if you're on forty five right now you're running sixty minutes from the beltway to downtown and if you're trying to travel on the inbound side of the Katy freeway I don't see any problems if you're traveling from say grand parkway in the downtown twenty five minutes I'm Julie hardy the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center Terry Smith is back now with another look at our forecast good morning Terry Hey good morning foggy start to the morning we've got a dense fog advisory for a good bit of our listing area just about everyone until.

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