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Going. Wait what I'll do. Is I'll pause. If you pause in a public place long enough someone will always come up to you just mannequin challenge. What do you how come? You're not following. Ah I just pretend I like short out but somebody will always come up and be like Yo you want to get a shot and I'm like I'll be right back and all the bags beautiful beautiful I gained and actually gain a lot of respect for someone when I ask them their instagram. They pull it up because they type it in and they don't follow themselves back. You know you have the occasional person who's like look it up follow and I'm like that by the way that's cleared shows you the fall of the chance. Yeah by the way. So you've automatically earned yourself a position where I will never hit you up ever ever corner me at a bar and he was a box train you WANNA get. I don't need to be able to weird buff. I looked like carrot top and he grabs a hit you with personal training the immune. Next time we trained and I'm like a boxer could beat my ass regardless. Yeah you have to train with him every Tuesday you gotta put him on Mute. Great thank you guys. Just just just hit on this real quick. You said You'd look weird jacked this. This is not always be true. Do you know this comedian Kumail. Yeah Dude he just posted sir today have you. Are you hitting me now when you zoom into his arm. It's like did how how much I stopped at this for two minutes straight and thought it was photoshop. These are real photos dude. This dude had the transformation of the decade. Yeah how many banks do you think he had l. my God this holy cow. Hold Him knew him. Wow he won. It's like almost like a Bazo. Transformation order he he's training with Eso. He's training for the marvel character. which by the way I thought was? I thought that was a joke to I. I don't know I couldn't because he's a comedian intimidated right but I was going to be a superhero. One Line in the marvel. Movies Got Jackson. These these training regiments for movies are absolutely insane. I remember when I did Baywatch I saw. Zack Ephron the shirt off and he was yeah he was the most person I've ever seen in my life ever. I won't build falsely night. No facts I can't and I talked to produce house like how how do we Less to training practices a day for three months straight and a gallon of steroids. Bill I would put money down at steroids. I don't know dude. He doesn't once you get that at vascular you ever taken any like six. They're like when you have seventy took like don't do when it goes up in your butthole steroids out on the playground. They don't fucking look at my Asmat six. I've not done steroids. Which is why I made so much fun of them.

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