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I'll need your credit card. What i need me via phone tap. I need to get all your information. All the information. And i'll do it in here like you'll you and i'll connect you can hear the whole thing. Yeah you credit card number right here over the No no no. Not like on the podcast. I just meant like we'll set up audio like this and we'll call so you can listen and do a three way call on. The phone is fine but haven't headphones and we can record it. that's great. Yeah so. But i see over the holiday you know. Some people alerted me to the fact that you david brody did some upgrades around your pool. And your hot tubs. Yeah yeah the hot tub. The pool that i have yet to be invited to. Yeah so what i did was while the lights are out by my hot tub. We put up for december holiday season. So those are those have been up for a while. I have a tree a big tree right off my deck with a hot tub is so when in the hot tub it lights up and i put lights around the deck railing so i could like the deck up as well but around the pool. I have a fence around the pool and again i'm not trying be buji. House came with the pool and the fence was already there but we have a light in the backyard could swim at night. But it's not as cool as bright as you'd like. It's not enough but my daughter has been friends over for little You know some pool parties and later at night. Go my friends over. Jump in the pool. So i let the pool up. Led lights around the top of the fence that changed color and and blink. And whatever else so..

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