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Well, that's Louis Farrakhan in Iran yelling about yelling about death to America in what was data America death to Israel death to blah, blah, blah to all the things. No. This is just it's pretty crazy. And I just I we were talking a little bit earlier, isn't that sedition? I don't know. I mean, I just I kind of wonder as we go into midterm elections how because the the the administration issued fresh warnings to Iran. And of course, that's when Farrakhan was over hanging out with some of the officials with the Iranian government. He was issuing those threats in Farsi. He also fair gone. I don't know why he as he threatened the United States from Tehran. Saying that they shouldn't do anything to destabilize Iran. And this is after the administration today renewed sanctions against tons of entities throughout the Iranian, energy sector and more broadly throughout the other parts of their economy because they're trying to hurt more pressure against their regime. In fact, secretary of state my palm peyot set at a press conference, quote, the Iranian regime has choice. It can either do a one eighty degree turn from its outlaw course of action and act like a normal country or it can see its economy crumble. And then Iranian president has gone Rohani said that that Tehran will evade the sanctions and keep pushing its oil onto the market. So there you go and they got Louis Farrakhan over there anyway. Anyway, joining us now, Steven Yates foreign policy expert with the international advisory previously advised during the Bush administration, Stephen happy Monday to happy election eve, I should say. Oh, I can't wait for the results. More sound so excited. Yeah. You sound so excited. I wanna I wanna I wanna ask you about that as well. But I I really weird question because I didn't even know. I mean, obviously, the the administration issuing these fresh warnings against Iran, basically, saying look these sanctions are back and it be normal and act like a normal country. That's not threatening everybody's existence or else, you know, this is going to get worse. And then you have what's his face Louis Farrakhan over there in Tehran screeching death to America and death to Israel death to the Jews etcetera etcetera in Farsi, that's kind of odd right? Off the charts. I thought that this shortest required. That was from a friend Sarah Carter who just said, maybe he could just stay anyone. And I think that would be a huge win for three US around relations. If he could just. Yeah. But the administration is doing largely the right thing that we've had traditional diplomacy for multiple administrations. This is a very hard challenge with Iran, just like dealing with North Korea. And the only way you can seem to really get people serious is when you really clamp down the finances. And that's what secretary Mnuchin was detailing today, and you make clear that the broader strategic things that Iran is doing destabilizing the region subsidizing terrorism or a whole host of things you have to basically make it a comprehensive strategy. So I think that secretary pale and national security advisor Bolton were very much on the right course, today in trying to emphasize those points. Yeah. I think I like both of those both of those gentlemen, and the way that they're handling this whole issue because I also think of the way that Iran tried to really medal within between the the relationship with the United States and Saudi Arabia because there were a lot of things that they put out there by that that that Washington Post journalists kashogi that in terms of his demise etcetera. I think that they were trying to do everything that they could. Could exploit Saudi Arabia's error and try to break a break that relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States to give Iran and really related Russia a greater foothold in the area. Absolutely. I mean, the these developments basically remind people at the Middle East of Mona model and the. The the rivalries within majority Muslim countries have severe differences, and it's what makes the region unstable and puts our markets at risk. So the president made some very clear statements about how he's trying to be careful about how hard to squeeze without having undue influence on energy markets. Little bit unusual to have a president go into detail about the workers. But at the same time it's the elephant in the room when it comes to trying to clamp down on these theocratic governments. They try to fight back with her. Right, right. Yeah. And goodness. This. How is this going to how heavily do you think this is going to win voters minds as we go into the final? I mean, we've had what feels like we've been early voting for forever. But you know, tomorrow, really vide. How is this going to affect is this going to is this going to be a priority? You think for voters? Well, I think if we did surveys, however, accurate, they are these days. Huge number of people that you'd find some in the surprising pockets or other country. Carol great deal about national security right there with the supreme court. Justin course on how the US is engaging. The world's one of the reasons the Donald Trump was elected. And so I think and I've I've written about this a couple times cycle, I think that the broad foreign policy agenda. The administration has been a net positive for most Republicans a lot of voters are weary about long term deployments of our forces being stretched too thin or weary about ending negotiations. That don't seem to change the fundamentals with some of these long term problems. And so I think the president giving the appearance of strings going into voting day should be a net positive to the extent voters are motivated by that I really wish more voters were motivated by the economy. That's kind of the the biggest story that hasn't worked through this cycle. Yeah. I want to I want to switch it up his work as we are going into voting tomorrow. This. What are you optimistic because they keep hearing? We we've heard so much about a Blue Wave. But I'm looking at some of the some well with respect to the house. I don't think that there is going to be a Blue Wave. But there's a good chance for Democrats to take over the house. Although there's a chance for Republicans to keep it. I think in a squeaker, but at the same time, do you honestly in this is kind of a to do you think people are being honest when they're polled. I don't think people are. Experience with that. Onto full when I was asked by a pollster that I know from being a candidate and being a party chairman when you're doing surveys, there's plenty of evidence that some people don't want to answer some of the methodologies that are used kind of weeds to I think less than useful outcomes. But I, but there's lots of people that tell pollsters what they want to say not what they're really going to do. But know when you look at what does it mean going into this vote the short answer ready when that's worth their salt is no one has an idea at all. The house of representatives is really really hard to predict. There are so many states that have gerrymandered districts. The battleground more one can say where that eight lot is going to go. There's just no rhyme or reason to the way those things were drawn when you're looking at the states through a little bit easier to serve an predict. And that's why the Senate outcome seems more shortly to hold Republican majority. Maybe that increases cedar Jew house. I agree with what your gut instinct is that no blue waves, but the Democrats don't need a way to take back, Jerry. And in some ways, having Democrats with a slim majority going forward and having to struggle with having chairman that are calling for the peach investigations and obstruction who knows maybe that's a net positive for the president's reelection campaign. Yeah. There you go. Right. It could be goodness. I'm anyway, I I know that the entire countries on pins and needles waiting to see what happens tomorrow, but but voter turnout, I think is has in a number of big states, Florida and Texas and couple of other places has been favoring Republicans so much of it comes down to enthusiasm. So I mean, really, I don't think anybody's going to know I see people trying to do their best to predict. But I just think it's going to be too close. I I agree completely. But has to be one of the most disheartening things to me. In our American experience that we have still have too many people who don't care enough to just go. Learn a little bit about the candidates the parties and go vote. I don't really like the idea of people just going in and tossing a vote here or there without looking into things. It's their right to do. So I really wish people felt like it was important enough to dig a little bit and go do it a lot of places there may be long lines, and it's hard, but a lot of our country. It is incredibly easy to go vote. I just wish a higher percentage of us would owner that franchise and go. Yeah. There you go. I hope they do as well. There's no excuse. And if they don't they don't get to complain about it, Steven Yates. So my goodness. The next time we talk it's going to be quite different. We'll see what happens. It's good to talk to you. My friend. Thank you, Dan. Take care. We have more to come. So if Florida men on the way as well recruiter because right now, the economy's good I hope people don't vote it away. Don't vote it away. Don't vote away. A good economy tomorrow. Look when it comes to hiring their job sites that send you tons of the wrong resumes to sort through, which isn't smart, and it's also not smart using your relatives to fill in at work.

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