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Is thirty one degrees right now in central park on this Monday, January seventh thank you for tuning in. I'm leave on Putney. It's twelve thirty one an F B and Y firefighter is dead after he was hurt last night while trying to get to a car accident near the mill old mill basin drawbridge in Brooklyn and police and fire department they're looking into whether he fell from the bridge. Now police say was taken to king's county hospital. In critical after this happened around ten thirty pm on the Bill Parkway near the old mill basin drawbridge. We hearing these traffic reports, but has now died after that w CBS news time twelve thirty one CBS news update. President Trump now acknowledges the talks led by his vice president won't break an impasse over funding for his border wall says he Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer could work something out. But only if the Democrats give in Washington Post correspondent, Dan balls, tell CBS's face the nation. This is tricky political stuff. There is certainly a lot of politics in this because we know that for for President Trump the wall has been central to his political message. And I know there are Democrats who believe that he will never make a deal because he wants the issue more than he wants the wall. If you will man, so that's part of the hump that you have to get over in these negotiations. The partial government shutdowns entering its third week with hundreds of thousands of people affected. The house speaker Pelosi says she intends to begin passing individual bills to reopen. Agencies in the coming days starting with the treasury department to ensure people received their tax refunds that effort is designed to squeeze Senate Republicans CBS news update, I'm Sam Litzinger. Now from New York senior senators perspective on this partial shutdown with Trump firmly refusing to accept a penny less than his five point six billion dollar demand to pay for his border wall. Each side is attempting to come up with alternatives to get a deal done, the Democrats leader in the Senate Chuck Schumer says the best way forward is to pass a funding plan without border money and off that issue to deal with later. Let's open up the government and debate border security separately. Some Republicans have floated the possibility of giving Democrats something they've wanted for years now legalising immigrants protected under Dhaka. But Senator Schumer says President Trump has brought up the issue before Schumer says the quote, hard, right? Beat up on the president. Rush limbaugh. Laura Ingram and said, you can't do DACA he backed off. So no, it's not on the table was hardly discussed. And on Friday at Senator Schumer's midtown office Mike's melts WCBS, NewsRadio eight from New York's senior Senator to freshman, Staten Island, democratic congressman max rose. He was on CBS face the nation Sunday also on the partial shutdown. We all have federal workers in our district. This is a national disgrace. There's a lot of talk here about national security and border control. And we need that. But we also have to talk about the fact that shutdown should never be used in this country as a negotiating tactic, which congressman rose says the president is doing while Sunday on the cats roundtable radio show on nine seventy AM Long Island, congressman Peter King. Republican said he's critical of both sides and said Democrats should negotiate honestly with the president and his fellow GOP members have an obligation to make concessions, but congressman king toll hosts, John cats and matatus right now both sides are just playing at a basis leaving out the majority of the country that wants comp. 'promise is twelve thirty four now for anyone who rise the L train between Manhattan and Brooklyn jazz got back in town. And somehow have not heard the governor says he got together a group of engineers who came up with a way to repair the Canarsie tunnel. Without shutting down this subway line for fifteen months starting in April, the confusion runs across Brooklyn and Manhattan from the city to the state level, even to federal representatives, we need answers and Attenborough borough. President Gail brewer says she learned about the new L train shutdown plans. Just like everyone else at the last minute strap hangers.

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