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Oh, because ARCO arena was probably the hottest thing at the moment. Yeah. You know that was when the kings were good making they're making a comeback, but don't call. It was I thought that was an interesting quote because you could sit like Boston or LA Tago a lot of different teams. Yeah. Yes. So lakers. They take an L last night. That game was weird, man. It was like they were always trailing this game, which I found odd they kept fighting back give him credit. But you know, I really love those nets uniforms, though city uniforms. They wear what the the big inspired trim. Oh, yes. Super nice. I think they might be my I wish the NFL creative in their jerseys. Like they instead of being so strict about their jersey rules. They were lenience like the NBA and the college football and all that good stuff. Yeah. It's just a really cool. I do like some of those cities. I will some of those cities are gorgeous. But the one. Like like, look at this thing. Like, I've seen it looks awesome. It's got the biggie. Biggie inspired coup sweater. That's a dope. Look. I wish that they wore these all the time, the honest with you. I'd be down because it's very unique. You know, like this no one looks like also like the seventy Sixers one words the stars. Like, it's the revolutionary war. Type. Look I liked that one lot to Chicago has the Chicago flag jerseys. I like those two lock to those gorgeous. What about the the T wolves purple ones, like the prince inspired ones? I dig it. I understand it. I liked I like the Lakers purple on stood the new updated performance, the black stripes. You like those? Yeah. I like, I think it's weird. Like the magic one that has like the outer space on. I don't really care for the Lakers wearing purple though like I think that's just that's what they've always worn now. But I mean, the yellow and the white and the black is what I kind of celek. They always wore portable as a way. Yeah. They have a black alternate. But they rarely use those though the purple is weird though for the Lakers like the purple there. Okay. I liked it really know Magic's where it's like looks like it's outerspace stars on them and stuff. And then it's just the Lodo, you know, talking about. Yeah. These. Yeah. I like those I sometimes the little littlest designs are the best. I still like the Miami vice ones like the best of all they should just change their logo to paint. Honestly that, but he can -til look is super super good, man. Good. It's really unique. And it's Miami. Vice like, everyone knows Miami. Vice? It just those plastic cups. Plastic cups. Yeah. You know, those old school plastic cups with the -til design like weird little squiggly design on the front. Oh, those are God that's like two thousand nine hundred ninety like super old, right? But like that's that logo jerseys. I singer ugly though, which one's the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, Cavaliers the land jerseys. Those are really like I like the called the land. I get that. But the color scheme is gross like not even read or any color that matches with them. Yeah. I'm gonna go for me Miami. And Brooklyn one and two for the city addition. Uniforms, a pretty cool. I you can't really go wrong..

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