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The truth about their products which to insurance companies we're but this case goes right along with that and this one is so disgusting because these people are really vulnerable are these are these are these are these C. E. U. S. citizens at all these places or is it a minute yes it is yes so it's all about trust it it's all about profits and three of them have been to have you put your key to a felony well one I went to trial and get convicted but you're still three or four other people that have not and we're going after all of them and we're happy that we're gonna get our day in court and we're gonna get some justice for these people and and for a lot of these people it's not about the money it's about really making sure that these people are held response they might reach out to try to settle before court is that possible or do you want to go now we know he up to my clients who tries to make that decision we've we've had discussions but right now they don't they don't seem to understand the magnitude of what they've done to these people the lawyers defending them I don't understand they will shortly I don't get into that business where they were the unit but they probably and funeral business before warm how do you just like unless you're in the mafia or something like that how do you fall into that business right cutting up people's bodies all around the world casting it they're all easy this won't happen one Montrouge yes it was a funeral parlor and it's yours they bury their that's their and then all of a sudden you've got this black market markets where you're going that you know we think about grave diggers go and get the bodies take the gold out of their teeth which they do here and noted down and they had at least dig up the body here they do it to Friday and they get the body and then once they have it there's no cost to them training the body and now it's all profit on the other side I will my clear hearing as anybody listen and maybe has has something like this that they run across that you can help them out right and as far as part of a class action suit well it's not class agents individual we have to recommend a visually because everyone was not told the same thing okay and I could spend the time to talk about the difference but it depending on what's going on we've we've been working thank god with the FBI on these different rates and they're the ones who have worked with us and and the problem is how do you know how do you really know right now yeah they help so yes DNA would help put in the in the long run right we're out of time Michael thank you so much we'll keep in touch with you I like to hear more about than in October like you get the **** that's just that's a start up being on the show hi thanks again Michael Burke attorney in Colorado and I think now I can get you in touch with them chip at your Franklin dot com if there's anybody you know how do you get into a gag man I mean I think the yeah just like you said funeral homes I mean it would be my job of choice but I think that oftentimes you're you're raised in that you know it's it's handed down family yeah only the people are probably poor they get taken advantage because most people that have money or maybe they get a really care the philanthropic they say sure don't here's my brother's body and it's going to go and we're gonna study heart attack and they taken like cut his **** up and some of them Indonesia make wines make wine gosh people also I was in trouble doesn't look so bad anyway coming up Ronald Reagan we stop data find this.

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