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And hunter, but he also covered up the crimes of its murderous battalion three sixteen during Negra Ponte's tenure in Honduras. US officials who worked under him said that the State Department human rights reports on the country were drafted to read more like Norway's than anything reflecting the actual reality in Honduras, Negra Ponte's predecessor in that country ambassador. Jack bins told the New York Times that Negroponte had discouraged reporting to Washington of duck Sion's torture and killings by notorious Honduran military units. Saying quote, I think Negroponte was complicit in abuses. I. I think he tried to put a lid on reporting abuses. And I think he was untrue to congress about those activities were you aware of this of the gist of this battalion in your when you're down there. Ambassador. Tanner is I. Responded in a. Written question. With regard to the so-called battalion three sixteen. I wear nece of the thing systems of the battalion by that name, and we can get into this because I'm not trying to. Fancy with my use of words here now. But my Negra Ponte was asked about the death squad in front of the Senate in two thousand and one during his confirmation hearing for UN ambassador, but I asked the CIA about battalion three sixteen and was given a memorandum by the agency at that time which advised me that that battalion. Was created in the beginning. Of nineteen Eighty-four either late nineteen Eighty-three or the beginning of nineteen eighty four which is well into my tenure in Honduras and that. To the best of the agency's knowledge at that time. No. There had been no substantiation of any human rights, systemic human rights violations being carried out by that unit. John Negroponte would later serve in the George W Bush administration running operations in Iraq that came to be known as the Salvador option despite Negra Pontes, bloody history. Hillary Clinton bragged about receiving his endorsement when she ran for president in two thousand sixteen John Negroponte former veteran diplomat served under so in every publican administrations as well as the Clinton administration has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Negroponte wrote this about Hillary Clinton will put it up on the screen. She will bring to the presidency. This skill experience in Wisden that is needed in a president and commander in chief. Having myself served in numerous diplomatic national security positions starting in one thousand nine hundred sixty I am convinced second. Jerry Clinton has the leadership qualities that far and away qualify. Her best to be our next president among the crimes committed by US-backed Honduran forces during Negra Ponte's tenure was the murder of a US Jesuit priest named father James squad. Lupe Carney, father Carney was a liberal theology. Revolutionary who spent eighteen years living with the compassi knows and the poor of Honduras. The US backed forces waged a smear campaign against father Carney, who was a World War Two veteran claiming that he was a communist the most basic need demand has to fulfill his food. And of course, when valley like this is could produce enough food. They say all Central America is is producing vegetable oil for castle and Cooke company. I mean that's terrible crime to send. And that's why we Christians those Ratnam. Erica, we want to change that rebel against that. So call us communist kill us. We have to try to do something about it. In nineteen Eighty-three. Father Carney was murdered by US-backed death-squad. We still do not know the truth of what happened to him. But there are many sources who say he was captured alive tortured, and then thrown from a helicopter into the jungle. Here is democratic Senator Tom Harkin speaking on the Senate floor opposing Negra Pontes nomination as Bush's UNM Basseterre in two thousand one Mr. Negra Panni showed a callous disregard for human rights abuses, throughout his tenure as US ambassador to Honduras between nineteen eighty one and nineteen eighty five during which time, I traveled to Honduras and fact went out to one of the contra camps with the ambassador at that time, and quite frankly in my conversations at that time in Honduras. And with the later revelations of what was going on with Italian three sixteen was supervised and basically trained by our CIA and our military personnel. Well, a lot of these things came to light it became clear to me that. That during my trip there that I was misled and quite frankly, not giving the correct information that I sought. Secondly, I believe that Mr. Negroponte knowingly misinformed, the US State Department about gross human rights violation on Doris and throughout Central America..

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