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Seven minutes after the hour president trump has nominated judge brett cavenaugh to these premium court correspondent jerry bowed lander reports senate reaction to the move has not surprisingly ben along party lines just twelve days after justice anthony kennedy announced his retirement president trump nominated one of kennedy's former clerks dc appeals court judge brett cavanaugh to fill the vacancy on the nation's highest court the president made the announcement in the east room of the white house saying cavanaugh has impeccable credentials that there's no one more qualified and no one more deserving is considered a judge's judge a true thought leader among his peers he's a brilliant jurist with a clear and effective writing style universally regarded as one of the finest and sharpest legal minds of our time the president said he's confident cavanaugh will do what the law and the constitution require setting aside his personal view use cavanaugh is a staunch conservative who has been on the court of appeals for twelve years he said he's humbled and grateful and promised to keep an open mind in every case my judicial philosophy is straightforward a judge must be independent and must interpret the law not make the law kavanagh's nomination sets up what's expected to be a ferocious and expensive confirmation battle top senate democrat charles schumer is promising to do everything possible to derail the nomination warning that by nominating cavanaugh the president quote has put reproductive rights and freedoms and healthcare protections for millions of americans on the judicial chopping block speaking on the senate floor before the nomination schumer said the nominee has to explain how they feel about issues like abortion a serious and solemn obligation to share their personal views on these legal issues senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called cavanaugh a superb pick stressing his intellect and experience and he warned democrats will do all they can to demonize him we're going to expect to hear how they'll destroy or right or demolish american healthcare are run our country and some other fictional way kavanagh's confirmation would move the court to the right for decades but in the narrowly divided senate republicans cannot afford to lose any of their members if democrats are unified in opposition three senate democrats from states that the president one who voted for neal gorsuch will be the focus of intense lobbying to again support the nominee and that lobbying is already underway republicans want the confirmation process to move quickly they want cavanaugh on the high court bench when the new term begins in october cavanagh will be on capitol hill today holding the first of dozens of meetings with senators jerry bowed lender washington it's ten after the trump administration says it will be able to meet the court imposed deadline to reunite families separated the border but not all of them jim roope explains at the deadline for children under five to be reunited with their undocumented parents the us justice department says it can't completely this after health and human services secretary addicts as our said ten days ago when the deadline was ordered by the court that with his access to the office of refugee resettlement website it would be no problem there's no reason why any parent would not know where their child is located i could at the stroke of the key strokes i sat on the show our our portal with with just basic key strokes within seconds could find any child in our care for any parent yet the government said on friday that it's having a bit of trouble of the one hundred or so kids under five it has in its custody it can reunite a little over half of them that background checks dna tests are taking time to come back and the government wants to make sure it's reuniting the right kids with the right parents there has been some accusations that some of the adults who came across head children that were not there in an effort to simply get across about not being able to reach the deadline some republicans hasn't criticism congressman great walden for morgan who says perhaps a real plan wasn't in place to begin with i don't think they fully thought drew zero tolerance policy implications on on these young families and now realized the mistake aac frankly and the president's executive order begins to fix that and now they've got to put people back together us district court judge dennis abroad says he's encouraged however that the government and the aclu which brought the challenge in the first place are trying to work together so once the half that can be reunited reunited and a list of.

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