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He's been a guest on episode one thirty five and two eighteen joins us to talk about gossip gossip is a massive issue. It's everywhere and most offices. I've got some pockets of it some are rife with its everywhere. It can't be defeated and you can lead through it. How do you do that take that is? Issue on in depth this up Assode because gossip is an enemy point blank. So we're gonna talk about that. We've got a great implementing no gossip guide from our entreleadership team. So how do you take what you're gonna hear from Stephen? And then apply it to the workplace that resource is going to help you. And then how about some real main street testimony on gossip we got some master series attendees who share their stories as business owners on how gossip was affecting their office. And then what they did to do about it. You're gonna hear from that group of people as well. And that's the kind of stuff, by the way that will really be. I think a beautiful tie to this entire episode. It gives you some real testimonies from men and women who are leading like you are who defeated this insidious enemy called gossips. Let's get right to it. Here's our good friend, Stephen Manson. I well, this is a great treat many times. We've had Stephen Mansfield on the program trying to think four or five times since I've been here and we're so excited to having back. He is a part time Nashville, Ian, it's good to have in studio. First time it had you in this studio. Yes, it is. You are in the old small studio. This is more befitting of a man, you're Cise. Thank you very much. All right. So you were recently with us. I'm thinking couple months ago spoke to entire team. And we wanted to have you back to talk specifically about gossip it is one of the core values at Ramsey solutions. You know this. Well, you're very close friends with Dave, and it is a no gossip policy that is clearly stated no gossip policy as a value. It's a very oddly worded value. But it underscores the importance of what day thinks about this idea of gossip. And so you have with your vast experience and all the different type of leadership positions you've held all the different types of leaders that you've consulted companies as well just curious where we dive into this and some of the stuff you shared when you talked to our team gossip why does Dave and why should leaders have such a strong stance against gossip? Because absolutely destroys the noble culture that leadership has meant to Bill. I believe leadership is mainly about building a culture and a culture of nobility and success empowerment vision. And all that even a little bit of healing. Even though we're not churches for the most part. And I am one hundred percent convinced the gossip destroys that. So if you can be harmed by the very people who are supposed to be your team members and igniting your destiny,.

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