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Alex eighth while nomo's from the beginning of the show we've had some insane weeks this one ranking right up there the standard the bar just keeps getting higher and higher lots of crazy stuff this week mercifully it's friday it's late and we're being joined by our friend alex sides wall than alex thanks very much coming back on another friday on the norm angle mansio hey norm thank you once again crimea another crazy one which i i guess from the trump era we don't even after fade at a boom janet crazy and and there is no point to even trying to rank them anymore it's just garden that curry's nine months in today by the way alex nine months into the day exactly today so alex let's start with the big story of the week the call the donald trump call to the grieving widow my you should johnson her husband lift david johnson sergeant killed body mutilated they can't even do an open casket a donald trump calls her says well he knew he signed up for him he just as callous and insensitive and that of course was his attempt to distract from the fact that he went almost two weeks golfing in tweeting in talking about the nfl players and having a fundraiser to at wall then these year read and how it botched it was in four dead americans just kinda disappeared from his radar then the media started asking about it then he started attacking previous presidents for not contacting the troops then he contacts this this uh widow the whole thing blows up general kelly the chief of staff gets involved alex this home this year thing has turned into a giant catastrophe with sub catastrophes what's it all throughout iraq yeah where to even dr with such a a a trumpian candle in multiple layers and over arching question of patriotism and and jingoism i mean i i think you have to put it in the larger contact of him going after the nfl player and really after every one per for not showing enough patriotism not respecting the flag and he tried to use this issue in the same way by going after obama after allegedly not calling family who could ended up not being too and he in in.

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