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Hurt martellus bennett comes into pakistan tuesday after a rogers gets her practice is fully on tuesday comes in wednesday says that his shoulder is messed up and is not going to practice and decides to a searching leave the team because he's going to get his his shoulder worked on a couple of weeks later the packers cut him with a failure to disclose an injury tag which means that the packers eventually will try to a believer recover some of his signing bonus and part of a salary the cut him he goes through waivers picks up by the new england patriots as he's go through waiver process he puts out an instagram story detailing what he believes happened with him in the packers where he says initially passes physical with with the packers the march injured his shoulder against the cowboys in early in a couple weeks ago then him in the patrick hi dispute where the packers told him that he can play through his shoulder injury he decided to get three other opinions which is allowed the cba you you're right you're iraqi recommend to get second opinions he then those three opinions told me get surgery he told the packers that he was going to shut it down and go get surgery kind of against their objections they said that they um would like for him to to play through this so as he's tweeted this stuff out on instagram yoga picked up on twitter a lot of current packers x patras came to the fence of the packers.

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