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I think because of Bellenger anus thing is he swing so hard being 21 years old had to kind of pause like wheat. Is that shallow and then just busted it make a great grab in shallow center short. Bellenger is the type of guy that is a nightmare for outfielders because the swing always looks big. It's it's a fully backs out rubber band swing. Then it's like a changeup to you as an outfielder, because you're sitting fastball. Kenley Jansen starting to throw In the dodgersbullpen. He's coming in. There's Jack Peterson down. So Jack getting hit for the first time and now time called Peterson. Not starting today. Instead, a J polic in left, Will Smith a D H. Ah, very active cheerleader, however. Pitt, swang and immense. Jack Peterson's one of those guys that every once in a while we'll take a swing and my back hurts him. He takes takes a swing. But the balance of it, that's what always cracks me up. Sometimes it's like it catches them off. Guard kind of wobble around. Here's your want. That's off the inside edge. Alec Porter are played umpire. I have been much beefing either way, either side pictures or hitters. Dave Roberts and the Dodgers tryingto win Game six and force a Game seven. Meanwhile, Brian Snicker trying to give himself up. Birthday present. And rally and win the pennant. 11 outside two balls and a strike. Odd Peterson Do it on the count. Martin fires swing at him. It's over the top of that one. Was Jack Peterson. Peterson back in awaits at two to hear it ISS swing and a line drive. Ripped out into right center and then I fall for a hit. J collects it on a bounce. Jack Peterson, a pinch hit single. And a ban on with one out. Hey, Kiki Hernandez will make his way to the plate. I'm surprised that Martin went fastball there. Booth got Pearson was nowhere near the slider or the change of I've got just enough of it. Here's the pitch. At a fastball clips the outside quarter for a strike. We talked about Max Muncy, growing up close by Chris Martin did as well in Arlington. You want a swing and a fly ball down the right side, slicing foul it out of play. It's like Edward Rios has a bad news in the on deck circle would hit for Barnes. Dodger's got their three runs way back in the first. Read it, Max free, limiting them after that next pitch in the dirt. That shows a lot by the way Max freed because it's so much fun. We say this all the time when a pitcher's got his best stuff showing off everything that he can, which was really Max reading Game one,.

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