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Mtv movie and TV awards following reports alleged misconduct by the shy actor. C. H I actor MTV said in the statement Mitchell was removed as a nominee for best performance in a show in light of recent developments. The child did not expand on their statement reports say Mitchell has been dropped from showtimes, the shy after he was fired in late April from the upcoming Netflix movie desperado, Mitchell's agent manager and lawyer ties with him after he was dropped from the shy Mitchell. If you don't know him, drew critical acclaim from his work in the twenty fifteen film, straight outta Compton and 2017, mudbound. He played Brandon Johnson, and the shies first and second season and the latter airing now I've never heard of the show, I hadn't until I read the headline, and thought, oh, this show. I mean. Really serious stuff that's happening there in allegations that they need to walk through and all that kind of stuff. But yes to that end I've, I've not heard of it either. Thanks, right. Arianna ground ahead of postponed. Several shows on her sweetener world tour after suffering allergic reaction to tomatoes and the new food allergy totally took the pop star by surprise revealed on Instagram Wednesday that she had to push back to shows, and Tampa and Orlando to November because her throat quote, pretty much close. Oh, 'Grande road on Instagram. We discovered that I had an unfortunate allergic reaction to tomatoes still feels like I'm swallowing a cactus, but slowly making progress sucks for an Italian. Oh, I never thought of it that way. Now, that's going to really think, no pizza pasta. I'm gonna call her Grandy from now on Arianna Grandy. That's fair. That's totally fair in kill and celebrity retail concept, s j p by serve. Jessica Parker will open its first mid west store, at the mall of America..

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