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It's free for anybody who wants to attend <hes> but there will be a coaching offer at the end. Just I like to say that upfront rather than make you wonder as you truly doing this for free. No I gotta get paid just like you. Do you work for free. No so let's you know so. What are we talking about here? Okay so we got the <hes> the <hes> obligatory sponsorship part of it out of the way and now what we're going to do. We're going to list these five. Have <hes> important rules these five important principles. I follow when I'm networking with the dream connection. That's how I phrased it in the book. So the first one is is being angler and when I thought about this I you know I remembered my my son sue in the art of war. There's there's only two principal methods of attack direct and indirect right so I'm GonNa tell you right now. If you go to a fundraiser or gala event Events Charity Ball Auction the nonprofit gathering some kind of thing you know we're we're somebody of national or even regional prominent prominence is performing or speaking or sponsoring or something like that and you go you walk up to them with your with your free samples and you're in your ipad with the little things so you can slide his credit card. That is a very stupid thing to do when you're a fool and don't do that. I say that lovingly lay right between the is right and say that because I've done it and it's stupid don't do it okay. Indirect attack is the best way to go here and the thing that really came to me while I was writing this. I hope you notice this in the pages. The book is that influential people go to things like this for business reasons right write that down four business reasons but not necessarily to do business to transact in other words. They're not there to whip out the they might be there. If its charity they might be there to whip out a check and write a check to the charity. They don't WanNA buy your product while they're doing it. They don't WanNa pay for your services while they're doing it but they do have business reasons for being there there to be seen there to get exposure. They're they're fulfill obligation. Whatever the case may be right there because it's good for business? They're thinking along the same lines as you are and that establishes a link of commonality right as long as you who can be restrained enough to respect that right and not descend into the whole thing. We'll do you want to buy some. You know this is this is not a this is not a fair right. You're not out there hawking your product from behind a table and and if you set up table that one of these things well that's probably a that's probably a song for another time. The second rule I want to say here is is so well actually let me back up so being an angler so the way you have to think about this is if that person is not coming to transact business but they are there for business reasons. What are the business reasons? They're there for bright and therefore what if you have something that's analogous to that that if you can point to something that is the dovetails with the reason they're already there then I say you you're getting closer to having a shot at having a meaningful conversation with him. So I provide this wonderful example <hes> it was one of the best meetings I ever had and it took place in sixty seconds right sixty seconds was all it took so I went to this fundraiser in two thousand sixteen. There was a guy running for governor of Washington by the name of Bill Bryant he did not win but at that particular fundraiser was John Senator Strom who was the Chief Executive Officer of the Lucky Eagle Casino which is a very popular gambling and <hes> leisure resort in Rochester south west of Olympia so John was there. I'd never spoken to him before. I'd never met him didn't know him from Adam <hes> but I knew what he looked like and <hes> and I knew where to find him and I said you know my friend Cameron and who invited me. I said I definitely want to be there because I also WanNa meet John Soderstrom when I'm there so the <hes> anyway the reason John was there. Obviously this is a political fundraiser gathering. He's obviously they're supporting particular candidate for governor of Washington and so you know from that I can say okay. This guy cares about the direction of our state. He cares about the economic and cultural directions that we go. He cares about the community he cares about people right to whatever whatever extent how much is it's all relative. You can't predict that but you can predict that he has some degree of interest and maybe okay maybe he just wants to influence the outcome election. You know there's that whole cynical way of looking at people who are successful. That's one business. That's not the way I look at people. It's never the way I look at people <hes> even people I disagree with even people who whose behavior often makes. It seem like that's exactly the way they are. I don't do that. I leave judgment of the heart up to God. I'm going going off the behavior right and for a man to show up for for a prominent C._E._o.. Of A large organization to show up at a fundraiser for a candidate he agrees with in my mind is not simply the move of a Machiavelli right. It's it's something that goes on an every city in every town in every state in this union in every country around the world. It is very very common so that's my articulate spirited defense of <hes> of the regular <hes> onslaught of cynicism applied to business people in politicians. There are good politicians in their bad ones and there are good business people in bad ones and that's how I look at it anyway <hes> so John was there and I said okay from that as well as anything else I can gather about the way the Lucky Eagle casino generally behaves in terms of its <hes> support outreach interest in presence in the community what I wanted to go to him with what I wanted to ask him to do. There's a reasonable chance that he would that. He would smile on such a thing and so the background of this story is I was onto boards at once I was on the Board of the Association the U._S.. Army and I was on the Board of the Thurston County Scholarship pageant and and in both organizations needed different things in the in the case of a U._S._A.. What we wanted was a cool location to have a charity poker game with cigars ours? We wanted to take the the game that I normally held at Cigar Daddy's in Lacey and move it to <hes> the Lucky Eagle for one month and everybody was GonNa pay far more than they normally did to buy in. We were going to donate all the money to charity and play for prizes instead that and I wanted to lucky who casino to do that because I knew that we could have an indoor location in a wintertime. You know you couldn't do this outdoors. Obviously it's November so we need an indoor location that would also allow us to smoke cigars while <hes> we play because that's what the guys were used to. They were used to sitting there and taking a puff on a cigar and then you know betting passing on around a poker and Yukking it up and having fun in the process so I knew that the Lucky Eagle would be a great place to do that but you can't just walk in there and say hey we want to hold a poker game and they'll be like well. That's about five thousand bucks and you're like Oh. I don't think we'll even raise that much so probably a no go there but if we could persuade them to. To donate the venue for good P._R.. You know because that's an knowing that they were jen very supportive of military support activities <hes> different story on the other hand. I had the mets Thurston County pageant and they were in need. We were getting ready for the two thousand sixteen or seventeen pageant. I forget which when it was and we didn't we had a shortage of judges and so the process there is you refer if you meet somebody somebody you'd think they'd make a good judge. Usually they have to be prominent people in the community then you refer them to the judges chair and she or he recruits them from there so I went so the way I thought about this. The way I- angled was I said okay out of these two scenarios what is going to be the most beneficial to John Senator Strom not to me to the C._E._o.. Of The lucky casino is he is he likelier to respond positively more if I lead with both U._S._A.. Wants a poker table or miss. Thurston county wants you to be there next judge. Which one would you choose being in his position? That's right you would choose Oh. I'd love to be a celebrity judge. That feels that feels good. That's flattering right and that's cool. That's exposure. That's me being out in the community. That's me bringing the Lucky Eagle name to a bunch of people gathered for you know to celebrate young women getting scholarship money and all that that's exactly what our companies looking for. Yes we are a casino but we were good Casino Zeno Right. I know some people out there in the audience rolling. There is trust me. It's IT's true I've met these people either personal friends of mine and it it is hard to reconcile gambling with faith just as it's difficult reconcile alcohol with faith but believe it or not there are people who are totally self-controlled who can do it in both cases and <hes> anyway. I'll I'll I'll reserve. I'll get off the theological soapbox here because that's not why. Are you tuned in so anyway so I went up to John After this fundraiser was over and I shook his hand I gave them a card and I said I've been meaning to reach out to you on the board of the Ms Thurston County pageant and we're looking for celebrity judges for <hes> for our our next pageant which is coming up in November and John just beamed a big smile. He'd never met me from Adam. He didn't know me but you know that is exactly what somebody that I could. You know that I could take a ticket shot in the dark kind of guests as to his mindset and his attitude towards the community based on stuff. I'd already observed them doing that was likely to resonate with him and it did wonderfully wonderfully now from that sixty second meeting to the pageant itself in November. I never saw John Again right. We swapped a couple of emails during the emails. I was able to bring up oh by the way we wanted to do this poker game at a U._S. for U._S._A.. At the Lucky Eagle and that's also in November wanted to see do you guys. Are you guys willing to donate a room and maybe some some discount price ace hotel rooms or something like that. Put together a little offer he said absolutely absolutely we'll make it happen and so and so we took care of it and so I got we got celebrity judge. We did end up having the poker game at at at Lucky Eagle. It was a wonderful success. We raised about four thousand dollars in our expenses. Were minimum so that helped the U._S._A.. I got a couple of insurance clients out of it. I was still in the insurance business at the time and a couple of people that I worked with during the process ended up becoming clients and so that's just one example that's being angler the next one is <hes>. Keep your ear to the ground so in this one I write about <hes> a couple of different people one of them. Is Andy writer so Andy's the mayor of lacy still to this day as I'm recording this. He's the mayor of lacy which is a city right next to Olympia so you're going north towards Tacoma on interstate five. If you know the area out of Olympia the very first city you'll come into which is they literally blend into one another is Olympia is lacey so <hes> you can imagine mayor of lacy that doesn't leave much time for doing anything except going to the bathroom really in my opinion. You're in one meeting after another meeting. After another meeting. Pardon we sit there and you're basically <hes> being asked to make one big decision after another with as much data as you can possibly gather at one point but it's this this compounds the mental exhaustion the taxation of the individual actual sole right as I'm sure it does any politician in charge of a reasonably sized municipality or even a small town. You've got to make these important decisions that affect other people's lives and then because I know Andy Personally I know that you know he takes that very seriously so anyway we were we were we ran into each other. One day <hes> at lunch at a at Ricardo's which is a very famous Italian restaurant here locally and got talking and <hes> I'm Andy had been interested..

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