Donald Trump, President Trump, Taliban discussed on Stephanie Miller


I only have a rescue team a sense that the of the the situation was too risky to further go inside the vessel to attempt to locate the four individuals who remain missing at this time we are working with the sellers because car salvage engineering response team. the surveyor and the company to stabilize the vessel. savage professionals have determined the vessel to be stable we will identify the best option to continue our rescue efforts for the four crew members remain on board president trump and officials with the Taliban of blaming each other for the collapse of nearly a year of negotiations on Sunday the president revealed the peace talks were set to take place at camp David but he certainly cancel them because of a car bombing couple that killed one US soldier eleven other people. Congress comes back to work this week after a long summer break one of the top priorities in the house is addressing immigration the issue came to the forefront again following several mass shootings including one in el Paso Texas where the gunman said he was targeting Mexicans this is personal very personal for so many of us were like these guys were Latinos they've come after us we've got to do something to make sure they don't do it again Texas representative Sylvia Garcia joined fellow members of a house panel for field hearing in el Paso saying president trump's anti immigrant rhetoric is helped invigorate the growth of white supremacy white nationalism and gun violence Linda Kenya washing tardy served search warrants Sunday at the southern California company that on the school driving both the con firing killed thirty.

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