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Eight six eight six you know exactly what to find me man i got money in my pocket to how much you offer that thing rome i think the plaque looks awesome not sure what i did to get into the bay area hall of fame but i'll take it yours robert kraft that's good call upon the man who's no billy goat here it's only bill go fire there's no billy go here the it's just bill the goat how do you like my boss in the bay area hall of fame did you slow that down i know how you like to manipulate the speed of sound bite sometimes that's actual speed that's real speed a bobby rome that plaque looks like brandy chastain to me signed little red riding hood not knowing the difference between her grandma and a wolf stephen p h x that's good see that should be your brand nursery rhymes childhood stories efforts actually and one more before break at bob in corona tweets i dunno i like the plaque signed gary busey it has cross twenty eight quote wendy john goodman make the bay area hall of fame that plaque looks more like all of these people that it does her any of those would work better than her if we didn't know who that was there's no way anybody anywhere in the entire world would have guessed brandy chastain if we did not know that was i would have gotten all these guesses and they would have all been good guesses i guarantee there's not a personal live there were looked at at that and said oh i know who that is brandy chastain right nobody when we come back we're talking vegas golden night hockey once again experienced control from just for men this the first shampoo with the brain now how does that work what makes it so smart you're reduces gray the same way it grows in gradually the more you shampoo we control the less gray you have so just use it until you like what you see pretty smart right smart enough to be voted men's hair care product of the year gradually reduced gray with the first shampoo with the brain fine control in the shave i'll that's control jax from just for men shampoo with a brain smart very very smart here's a sports update for you andrew bogusch has this one.

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