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Want to say that I can look at there's somebody to do now always. It's funny. He he was imagining how annoyed Bruce Willis must've been working with you. And he's probably right results was annoyed working with you was but also, I think at the same time I think Tom Probably sees you and will always see you in a way as a twenty year old year that he used to work with unless you haven't spent that much time with him over the year true. You might be Kinda stuck and that is true as it kid and that's interesting is brain less Mitch I know I've matured as an actor I definitely looking at those outtakes or those dailies from shooting that show with Tom, I was just so undisciplined have said that I do think if you're in a move in Bruce Willis now the forty year old. Virgin, view. Eighty four forty now now, wait a minute the forty year old version of you would probably still annoy him. You know what I mean. Holy grown up and become sophisticated no. But also like Bruce wasn't crazy about ad-lib antics antics. Yeah. But that makes it sound like. I was going way outside the you know I was going outside my lane in he wasn't into fun. Not really and. He he he definitely loosened up more as as we shot every future guest be great. Not If he hears this now I mean even if he hears this, I think Bruce is probably like confident enough to be like okay. Well, yeah it was a little annoyed in the beginning and I wasn't crazy about ad-libbing. Yeah. I just don't think he comes from. That Some people are predisposed to add some people are more old school and. Aren't into it it's a very different. It's you don't have to do that when you're when you're Bruce Willis. You can do it every once he Tom got very excited by the lightning round questions and yes, you so excited. To answer the questions you know. Child like. Oh that's a great question. Yeah. And I liked how he really thought through the sports one away that I don't know if we've had a guest yet who has thought it through in a very real way like my favorite sport is this hot. The realities of playing I WANNA be a forty year old with a pot belly yeah. Just has to do one thing every five days and get paid millions of dollars that seems pretty feeling because he takes very seriously does he like loves what and remember on the show and for the? Two percent of you watch the shows to listening. They Tom Tom's character and his best friend used to play Ten ten this game called ten bucks for ten bucks. Would you go and do this hypothetical games cut? Would you rather type games that came from Tom and Robin the creators doing similar of things they like to they like to play with questions like that can alike idiotic hypotheticals. Yeah sure does. Let's read a letter. Okay. How would you say this name because I'm tempted to say brigid brigid bridget.

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