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You should switch because. Yes. Switching to gyco is a no brainer. Piteously ina. Most nesting Dollond her lot in life. Oh, they that. It rugs. In the back cave kit. Pepe. Lovely play here. But. Three Maria pie. Club. Superb a word that could probably be used describe PSD's entire performance throughout the night. Specifically in the second half to nil is the final they smack Manchester. United back down to earth, the era of good feelings is no more J. Oh, the honeymoon's over. Although let's be fair. They look this shouldn't be a major blot on the copybook of Oleg or sold share. They encountered a team that you know, beating Fulham a Craven Cottage, you know, ev- even even playing Spurs who they know very well. Nothing prepares you for for the way PS gee, played on some of the skills available to some of their players variety. Baba martinez. This is a tactical masterclass on and off the field from stop Thomas to chill and Bs g they were excellent. They looks put simply Man United haven't come across opposition like this sense, Oregon or socio took charge now they really haven't. And so many people were so wrong about PS g heading into this match from a couple of different perspectives from the one perspective of no one really knows. How good they are or aren't because all we have to really judge them off of is what they do in late on. And they could go unbeaten for an entire season and beat everyone seven nil. And we still wouldn't know what that means. And the other reason we can't judge them as okay? So that's what they that's how we feel about them in league us. So we can judge them and what they do in European competition. But even that has been tricky because last year they lost name neymar for. An important match of significance in when put when push comes to shove in the big games. They haven't had Namur both. Also, another thing that happens is we have taken aboard. And I will say I will admit it. And I'm sure you will too. We look at league on on. We think we don't first of all we don't watch it regularly enough. That's just a fast for yourself a dip into note. They're responsible to we accept that. Good players quality players a quality manager. Simply can't opposite gear when it comes to your because they're playing against inferior opposition. That might be true. In some cases, we've often said about bear Munich when they were romping deboned us they and then they come up against someone in the Champions League. And fall quite considerable distance short. I wonder is not always the case we should challenge that view last night because that was a brilliant performance. Well, the thing that's unfortunate. I texted you during this game that you know, when the Champions League kind of goes away like it goes on its break between the group stage or the knockout stage or even during the Champions League. When PS G is playing an opponent that were not necessarily as interested in. We know they're going to win green comp. Like, we forget like we know how great name are is because we've seen so much of an we see so much with Brazil, and when he's Barcelona, but Imbaba like we're still kind of just getting to know him like we got to know him, obviously with Monaco, and we.

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